First Communion Questions??


My daughter is to receive her first communion this year. The priest here says that unless you attend mass every week without fail and attend faith formation every week without fail you cannot receive your first communion. Her Grandpa has lung cancer and isn’t expected to live much longer and lives out of state. We are trying to take the kids to see him every other weekend. Is she going to be punished for not being here to attend mass or if something happens during the week and she has to miss faith formation?

Need help fast.


Go and talk to your Priest and explain the situation… He most likely meant no trivial reasons for missing Mass… Such as wanting to sleep in and such.

You could also use to help check for Mass locations for where you travel.

Prayers for you and your family.


That really is not a problem she can receive her First Communion next year.


Talk to your priest and explain the situation to him. I assume there are Catholic churches near where here grandfather lives. Attend Mass there when out of town.

And God bless you and yours during your difficulties.

– Mark L. Chance.


The Priest also requests that you have the church bullitan signed by the Priest of the church you attended to prove that you were there.


You have to understand where the priest is coming from: Not everybody is good at attendance at Mass. There are a lot of people who are culturally Catholic, love the idea of having their child receive First Holy Communion for the ceremony and fancy clothes/ party after, then never darken the doors of the parish unless and until they want the child confirmed. And if the rule is good for one, it’s good for all.

That said, explain your situation until he understands it completely. Make sure you are making your point in person, with eye contact. If it were me, I’d think the bulletin would be enough, but having the other priest sign it? What if you have to attend Mass in the hospital chapel? If he won’t listen, you’re going to have to be there at the back door and explain to this other priest why Father So-and-So at St. Umptefrats wants an autographed bulletin. If it were me, I’d have the phone number or email address of the priest requiring this on hand, so the priest in the town where Granpa is dying can give him a call. It’s pretty stringent, and the other priest may think you are pulling his leg when you tell him this.

Sorry for this situation with your dad/ dad-in-law. We went through it last year.


To follow on what 'burbs said above, in addition to speaking with the Priest - meet with your child’s CCD teacher and DRE. They should be able to provide you with copies of lessons and study work to make up for sessions that are missed. Also, they would most likely give you a schedule for the Sacremental Prep.

Prayers for you!


It seems that you should be able to fulfill this requirement in another diocese. As far as missing the classes, maybe you could arrange with the pastor and the teachers to get the lessons to do on the road. If there is work to be turned in, she could just turn it in when she gets back.

I would suggest that if your pastor not agree to this (and we really have no reason to believe that he will not make an accpetion yet) that you contact your diocesan catechetical director to see what he says.


in this diocese we are expressly forbidden to do this, or to take “attendance” at Mass by any other method.

a better tactic in my experience is to use the time of first communion preparation with children and parents to convey accurate, complete knowledge of the sacrament and its effects, foster belief and reverence for the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and teach the Mass, all the parts of the Mass, its origins, effects, and what full, active participation really means.

if you came to me, or any other DRE I know in this diocese, we would first unite all the CCD families and parish in prayer for grandpa, then make arrangements for your daughter to make up classes or otherwise continue her preparation at home or in any other way convenient for you, and above all, stress that the Holy Spirit is working in your family through this crisis and that Christ will be demonstrating the saving power of the Eucharist in your family during this time.

please before giving up, make a personal appointment with your pastor, explain the situation, and ask for his help.


That was beautiful!! What wonderful advice! :slight_smile:



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