First communion..recipe for low gluten bread

My daughter is receiving her first communion soon. She has sensitivities to all grains. A little should be OK. Does anyone have a low gluten recipe for me so that I can make hers?


It would be simpler to ask the priest to get low-gluten hosts for her – or to have her receive only the Precious Blood.

OTOH, if you really want to make her bread, it’s just low-gluten WHEAT flour (it can’t be any other grain), enough water to make a dough, knead a few times, shape into a thick cookie shape and bake. You can’t add anything else to it.

I’m not sure they are allowing home made low gluten hosts at this point. There is only one approved source for low gluten hosts at this time. Speak to your priest ASAP so that he can get some in time for the FHC Mass.

Here’s a suggestion. You can purchase (ie ask your pastor to purchase) low-gluten hosts from the Benedictine Sisters. This is the source we use at my parish

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