First Communion Stipend


AS my user name says I’m a Catholic revert. My daughter is a teen and making her First Communion soon, because she’s a teen, and most of the other teens have already made their First Communion, we’re going a have a relatively quiet service during one of the upcoming Teen Masses at our Parish. My question, is it customary to give the Priest a stipend for First Communion?


Good question. The only times that I have ever given a stipend is when it has been a big production (e.g. Baptism, First Communion, Matrimony, etc). During those times the priest has been involved from the beginning. Has this priest been involved like that, or is he just been there at the end of the line?

If he has been there from the beginning, then go for it. If not, I don’t think it would be inappropriate to make a gift to a Catholic charity in the name of your pastor or parish.

I don’t know if it is customary, but I can say that anytime I have a priest doing something specific for me or my family, I would most likely offer a stipend. While it is a part of his normal duties to administer the sacraments, it is a special occassion for us, and we like to acknowledge the priest’s participation in that, even if he’d be doing it for everyone else anyway.

no but it is acceptable–not required but customary in many places-- to give a sacramental donation to the parish, this usually goes to defray costs associated with sacramental preparation, record keeping, certificates and the other expenses the parish assumes. you can put it in an envelope marked First Communion donation in the regular collection, or simply add a bit more to what you would give any other week.

errm I don’t think adding a bit more to the collection qualifies as a stipend…correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a stipend paid to a Priest and not the parish?


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