first communion

i am going to teach first communion class this you have any suggestion to some resources,books that give examples and pictures, for example on the holy trinity and other subjects.or do you have any other ideas to teach.

thank you

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Just go to your catholic bookstores and ask for this. That’s where you get this. Ask around for an orthodox store if you can. Some stores are a bit dissenting unfortunately. Hope is helps.

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I’ve found wikipedia to be a good source for this kind of stuff. They have tons of old paintings and icons on many topics. Just search for the topic and there will often be pictures in the article itself and at the bottom there is usually a link to wikimedia commons that will have even more pictures.

well I made my own set of pictures when I was a new catechist, used 5x8 cards or full sheets of card stock, cut out pictures from magazines, calendars, greeting cards, religious goods catalogs, old used textbooks etc. One set is the parts of the Mass, another set is the sacraments, a set on the prayers, mysteries of the rosary, how to go to confession, symbols of Church, and so on. Catholic magazines are especially good for pictures of saints, and our parish calendar has saints every year, so I use those as well.

Sower magazine for catechists has a centerfold in each issue with a famous work of religious art, and lesson plans for older and younger children.

Teach the Anima Christi:

Tell them of Mary’s title, “Mother of the Eucharist”

To explain transubstantiation one year, I was very lucky, I had twin girls in the class. So I called them up and stood them side by side and had the kids tell me “This one is Jessica, this one is Jennifer” and then asked if one was the other. They said no, of course, and I said “but they look just the same!”, so we got into what something really is, despite an appearance, and that led into the teachings on Transubstantiation.

what about the lives of the Saints and some things they said about the Eucharist, etc, and miracles like Lanciano?

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