First Communion

I served at the fourth grader’s First Communion Mass this morning. During the Eucharistic Prayer, there were many altered words, even the words of the consecration. There were responses in the Eucharistic Prayer, such as: “Jesus has given his life for us” and “We praise you, we bless you, we thank you.” Is that Mass valid?

Changing the words of consecration would make the mass invalid.

It MAY have been that the priest used one of the “Masses with Children” (there are a couple which were approved in the old pre-2011 and I believe there are three approved now) and they do include responses similar to those you mention. Those Mass settings are approved by the USCCB for Masses which are 'predominantly attended by children" so your Mass would seem to qualify. If you’re not sure, you could ask Father, but hopefully just knowing that there are approved settings which seem to be that which you note might relieve your mind sufficiently.

Sounds like Eucharistic Prayer for Children II. I would verify before accusing.

If you really suspected that this Mass was invalid, why didn’t you ask the priest about the prayers he used? Doesn’t it strike you as unfair to serve at his Mass and then post that on the internet without even asking him?

Actually I do not want to ask him, out of fear and respect for that priest. He is elderly, and wants his way at Mass

I just checked my younger brother’s misalette (he was one of those who received FHC) and that EP. It is the EP 2 for Children.

A simple asking of the priest would solve your suspicions, why are so many ready to accuse and so few willing to ask the priest. He’s not the bogy man! And as a sever you have unique opportunity to do so! Priests are teachers, as am I, I rejoice when someone asks questions! OF ME.

The only things that cannot be changed at Mass are the words of consecration and the priest receiving Communion.

You say the words of consecration were altered. What did the priest say during consecration. I assume you must remember as you remember the other “changes”.

During the words of institution:

It will be shed for you and for all, so that sins may be foregiven. Then he said to them: Do this in memory of me

I would hope that the youth minister would have more respect for an elderly priest. This realm sad. It’s the EP for children. He’s likely been using that for years and years.
I wonder why feel compelled to be critical of someone with much experience? Seems like you took mental notes!
This is why we all need to be praying for our priests daily. They are intense scrutiny and attack from all sides.
May he have many more years in ministry. No, you do not show respect by coming here to pick at him. :frowning:

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