First concert of my life

U2 360 :smiley:

It was incredible:D

first concerts were the summer evening concerts by the DSO in the Michigan State Fairgrounds amphitheeater at 7 Mile & Woodward, close enough to our home in Royal Oak to drive in after supper, real quality time with my dad and a cherished memory of my childhood.

first rock concert–Little Stevie Wonder when he was still really little, and Aretha before she became The Lady.

You’re blessed to hear them at your first concert. I’ve seen them three times, with the first being March 2 1985, at the Los Angeles Sports Arena… before the Joshua Tree album… My favorite all time U2 song to really listen to is their “Gloria”…

Set List 3/2/85 :slight_smile:
11 O’Clock Tick Tock, I Will Follow, Seconds, MLK*, The Unforgettable Fire, Wire, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Electric Co., A Sort Of Homecoming, Bad, October, New Year’s Day, Pride. Encore: Knocking On Heaven’s Door, Gloria, 40.

My parents fed me on a steady diet of rock music as a young child. No lie, my mom said she’d drive me to day care and I’d identify Red Hot Chili Peppers on the radio. My dad got me into Springsteen when I was seven. I got into U2 in high school, thinking I was being original, until I listened to their songs and realized I grew up with them as well!

I never thought I’d see U2. I was never able to afford their tickets. Until this year…They did not disappoint…

One of my sisters saw The Dave Matthews Band last night, green with envy here. :imsorry:

OK ladies, don’t be jealous, (those of you of a “certain age”) but when I was 6, my first ever concert was… (wait for it)… David Cassidy! It was around 1971, I guess. I was so little I didn’t know what was going on.

I loved the songs, but I couldn’t figure out where the rest of The Partridge Family was. I was very upset to not see the rest of them. My oldest sister was 10 & took off running with a mob of girls running to the parking lot afterwards. It was a large, outdoor concert venue & my parents must have been panicked.

Pretty fuzzy memories, but David was awesome. My 2nd concert was Bobby Sherman. I had very tolerant parents. :smiley:

Ok, Ok, U2 is pretty cool, Bruce Springsteen, ya da ya da ya da…
But, c’mon, people… David Cassidy…
i’m just sayin’…:blush:

I remember him being on an episode of The Brady Bunch. He was a cutie for sure. Picture of him back then and a picture of him now. He’s aged very well!

Wow, thanks for the pictures for us, Lorrie . Yes, quite a cutie. Actually, I think my sister had that poster, or one just like it, so it brought back more memories. Sadly, we used to lie in her room for long periods just staring into those eyes…Gosh, I was so young & so in love with him for a few years!

When I watched High School Musical with my kids, I couldn’t help noticing how similar Zac Efron is to David Cassidy. I thought it was a brilliant move & quite intentional. Both handsome in a cute, non-threatening way. I don’t think either one likes the bubble gum image, but they are both loaded with talent in their own right. Anyway, thanks!

That’s amazing to see Stevie Wonder when he was little & to see Aretha like that, too. You were lucky to have such special time with your dad. I was impressed about seeing Stevie Wonder at a young age, but the memories with your dad was the part of your post that really struck me.

Camper Van Beethoven, Red Hot Chili Peppers, a now-forgotten 80’s band called Mary’s Danish, and a bunch of other bands. Social Distortion might have played, too, but I don’t remember (didn’t really like Social Distortion until more recently.) It was at an outdoor wave park. It was a lot of fun. That was my first concert and the standard against which I continue to judge all other concerts. It rocked. It was better than any Lollapalooza.

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