First Confession Advice

Hi so I am about to be confirmed next Sunday. I am so excited to finally be apart of Christ’s Holy Church. But of course before I can take the Eucharist I have to go to confession.

I am not really worried in the sense of “o no the Priest will know everything about me.” I am over that fear. Of course I am nervous, thats natural. What I am worried about is the part of Confession where you give a number for every mortal sin you have committed. I have 18 years of my life to confess so what happens if I do not know the exact number of each sin. Do I give a rough estimate? (i.e "I did such and such ~insert number here) Or do I just say honestly that I have no clue how many times but I know its a lot? My main worry here is making sure this is a valid confession. I am going to be coming in with a list but I don’t want to just read it off say “I forget how many times but I did it” and wait for absolution.


nevermind I just looked further down the thread and saw a post similar to mine. got the answers I was looking for :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say “welcome” and that you will be in my prayers. :slight_smile:

mine too!

Do let me know how this goes, I am will be doing the same thing you are doing very soon.

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