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Is it okay for us to take our child to his first confession as a family? I home school him. He is ready. Should we wait for the parish to do it in January? Is this something we need permission for? I thought the parents were the primary educators in the faith, and it is up to them. My son asks every day to go now. He’s done his examination of conscience, has it all written down. He’s practiced what to do in the confessional. He understands what sin is and says he wants a clean soul. I think he understands things better than the adults. Frankly, I’d prefer not to have his confession in a communal setting due to Covid. Anyway, could someone direct me to what official church teaching would be on this matter? Thank you.

This sounds like something to discuss with your parish priest.


This is a question for your pastor, not random people on Catholic answers forum. We cannot answer this question. Your pastor will decide when to administer first reconciliation.

It’s a collaborative effort with you and your pastor. Your pastor will make some determinations regarding readiness. If your child is ready, your pastor may decide he should go ahead and start receiving the sacrament.


Ask your pastor. My six year old is ready too. I plan to ask my pastor as well.

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