First Confession


Hello everybody,

I was confirmed at this past Easter Vigil and I have still not made my first confession. The instructor of our RCIA group told us that she would come with us one day before Saturday mass for confession but she must have forgotten (not used as an excuse for my delay) and before I knew it, I was being confirmed and had not yet confessed. I do not have my license, being a young teenager, and my parents are not Catholic so getting to a parish other then on Sunday (when my parents are off) to make a confession is not easy. I was hoping though to very soon find a way to go to confession but I was wondering if my prolonged delay was something itself to confess about?! :blush: I’m quite embarrassed!



I hardly think you have much culpability since you are a teenager and haven’t had an opportunity to confess yet, and you seem a bit confused about the process.

Were you newly baptized before your confirmation? If so, you would have been washed clean by the waters of baptism and confession prior to confirmation and first communion would not have been necessary (assuming you did not commit a mortal sin between baptism and confirmation). If this is not the case, then I suggest you speak to your priest - or send an email since it’s hard for you to get around. If it is difficult to get to confession, please mention this to him - he may be able to find a time that works for both of you.

But please speak to your priest about your concerns.


I suspect that the delay is not your fault so much as your RCIA team which failed you. God understands your transportation difficulties at your age. He does not demand the impossible. You do need to confess your sins since baptism. Find a good examination of conscience to study. Can you make an appointment for confession before Mass?


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