First Confession

Does anyone on here who is a convert have information on how their first confession went (no need to go into detail about the sins committed unless you want to). I still have a while before I would go to my first confession, but since I have almost a full year to examine my conscience, I keep wondering how the experience will go.

There are definitely things I am not proud of and some things I feel I need to tell the whole situation in order to understand, but I have gotten the impression that I should just list them off with the number of times committed without explanation and that is that. Is it okay to explain the situation a bit as you say what you did wrong?

Does the priest typically ask a lot of questions as to what led you to sin? If you have many sins to list (since as a convert I have never been to confession and I am now an adult), would he address each one you listed or only some that you listed? If there was something that maybe often led you to sin (say a need for acceptance or a fear of rejection that caused you to avoid confrontation and lie about some things) should you list it as a sin or just mention you want to discuss something that often leads you to sin on occasion?

I hope this is the right place to post this. please let me know if it is not. I included this on another forum just in case

Peace be with you! I am going to assume you are planning to enroll in the RCIA this fall and be received into the Church at Easter. If this is the case then don’t be concerned too much about your first confession; you will be well prepared when the time comes. Generally, one MUST confess the grave, serious sins in one’s life (all the mortal sin). Listing the sin and the number of times you did it is usually sufficient. If the priest needs details or more information, he will ask. If you are unsure it is a mortal sin at all, ask him. If you need guidance and advice, that may take up more than a minute or two, it is best to make an appointment with the priest for confession; he can take more time with you to discuss your cares and concerns. :slight_smile:

Yes, I started RCIA towards the end of this last year’s group (end of January) and because I didn’t start in the fall I had to wait and continue RCIA in the fall before being received next Easter. Having to wait so long has been hard. I keep picking up more books to try and stay on track but I can’t stop thinking about when I will finally be able to come into full communion.

It will be well worth it! Jesus is waiting for you in the Eucharist and you will spend the rest of your life receiving him into your heart.

Convert here. When I had my First Confession, my confessor did ask a lot of questions, since he knew it was my first time confessing. There were times that I went to explain the background behind a particular sin, for clarification. Also, there were times that I didn’t volunteer details and I was asked to further clarify. My first time confessing took about an hour.

Given the entire timeslot allocated to confession is about 45mins on a Saturday afternoon, I’d suggest an hour is very unusual in general. I suggest situations may vary greatly form person to person.

I neglected to mention that I made an appointment for my First Confession. My First Confession took place outside of normal confession times that my parish has scheduled. I don’t think an hour is unusual for a First Confession. However, I agree that the confession time will depend on the person. I was just stating my experience.

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