First Confirmation


I feel like I should not be bothered by this, but I am. I found out today that I won’t be coming into the church when I thought I would. I thought I would be coming in on Palm Sunday,but now it turns out it will be on May 3rd. I am so disappointed. I have been longing for my first communion. and was really looking forward, with excitement to my first Easter as a Catholic, able to take communion.Anyways, I feel like an idiot for crying about it. I know it is not all about me.


It’s ok. Believe me it will be worth the wait. Praying for you. God bless.


It’s always disappointing when something you’re looking forward to gets postponed for some reason and I understand that this is a big “something”! However, it’s only a few weeks more to wait. May 3rd is my birthday, so I shall think of you then. :slight_smile:

I’m interested as to why you’re not being received at the Easter Vigil on 19th April (as I hope to be), as that seems to be the “main date” for adults.


Perhaps her parish is doing what RCIA encourages and having reception into full communion separate from baptism of catechumens.


A friend of mine is coming in that weekend as well in her diocese. I’m not sure the reason, but it might have to do with the Archbishop’s/Bishop’s schedule.

I hope that it helps to know that it’s not only you and your class.

Welcome, and thankfully, Easter isn’t that far from May this year!


However, it will be during the Paschal season, which extends up to the Ascension, and it will also be the feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles (red vestments).


Thank you all for your encouragement. Trying not to be a baby. :o


You’re not being a baby. I would feel disappointed too. However, the important thing is that you will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. I will try to remember to keep you in my thoughts and prayers on that very special day! :slight_smile:


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