First Convent?

Do people normally enter the first convent they hear of?

I really like the Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharst very much, but this is the first convent I have heard of. I have been looking at others, but I keep coming back to these guys.

Have you visited any?

Many do, yes, because by the time they visit, they know enough about the spirituality and the way of life. I’d keep on looking, but don’t be surprised.

I visited the Dominicans in Summit, New Jersey, in January, and didn’t think they’d be “it” – I visited because the monastery is close to NYC, and while yes, I was drawn to the perpetual adoration and perpetual Rosary, I imagined myself in a slightly more radical community (i.e., Carmelites or Trappestines).

Turns out, I’m pretty sure this is it. I’m at the monastery now, finishing up another weekend visit, which pretty much settled the question of aspirancy for me. I hope to come back for a more extended stay in either May or August, and if things continue, and God so wills it, I’ll be a Dominican postulant by next year. :slight_smile:

Keep on praying! And don’t think about whether or not you’ll enter when you go because you’ll know – either right away, or when you go back, but God will not desert you in your search. Trust in Him wholly.

The first community I was interested in is the one I hope to enter. I looked at others but i kept coming back to them. I visited another community as well as them but it just sealed my interest in the first one. I truly think God worked in my life to lead me to them.

Some visit many communities before they find the one they eventually enter. I have a friend who actually did enter several communities but left and is entering again (God willing for the last time) this week. But some find their home much quicker.

Personally I think it is good to at least visit another community (or communities) to give you a sort of comparison line. I visited a Carmelite community and though it was beautiful when I went to the Benedictine community I knew that was my home. Having Carmel to compare it to was good because I knew that it wasn’t just the religious life but that specific community that was drawing me to them.

No, I haven’t. I"m not old enough. I have to wait about year.

The community I am aspiring with is not the first community I looked at. Started out Nashville Doms, God led me to Carmel.

The first community of Brothers I ever looked at is The Monastery of the Holy Spirit a Cistercian community. This beautiful place is a great day retreat for me as I am blessed to live so close. The brothers are great too. This particular monastery holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. My spiritual director is a brother there.
While remaining open in my discernment as to what community the Lord is calling me to(as i am still fairly early in my discernment) I do highly suspect I may end up in a Carmelite community, as even before a learned anything of the Carmelite tradition & spirituality Our Lady has seemed to be directing my path ever more that way to grow in more perfect union with my Lord & offer prayers for all.
I will be planing a visit to my first Carmelite community toward the middle/end of summer & then most likely a plan to visit A different one in the winter. Unless the Lord has other plans. The closest cloister to me is 2206miles away, round trip & the other is just under double that. The costs associated well the Lord will provide & i have begun saving a while ago with the help of others:shrug: As it has been said in parish “the lord is not short on Finances even if we may be”; It baffles my mind at the costs just to go visit the places I feel the Father drawing me to. I am a man of meager means & the process of my Father making the way available, already has astonished me & even more so that he has me to work for this instead of accepting donations. The Lord our God is Great in providing our Daily Bread as the great Father, we just must be open to any ways which he may operate on our behalf.

Not sure of your current state of life, though I have seen you are on the younger side, though it may not seem so, this is good, as it is a chance for you to research many aspects of religious life without the pressure of the “max Age” creeping up on you.

No matter what order or form of consecrated life you end up in, or even if your discernment untimely leads you to the conclusion that your vocation is that of single life, a secular order or marriage the time spent in discernment is of great use even years after one enters their vocation, I have been told :blush: So REMEMBER Psalm 46:10,11 …"be still and confess(know) I am God…it is in silence that you will hear your beloved speak to you the clearest.

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