First Daily Briefing for Spicer

This is a make or break it day for Press Secretary Spicer. Starts in 10min. Looks to be very crowded in the room.

Live video here

He is doing much better, but he is calling on pro-Trump press so far, and he will be criticized for that.

As he should be.

Looks like he is calling on others now

Yup. A much stronger performance than over the weekend, not sure he’s really great at this job generally though.

Don’t know if you have a job or not, but if so, were you hitting all the marks on your second day? Good gracious, folks, give these people a chance.

he didn’t his all of his marks. He was better.

Looks like he is now taking all questions and he said he would stay as long as they want to ask questions.

Looks like he has turned this around.

Good job so far.

Welp, this is a blatant lie.

edit: this isn’t off the rails yet, but its approaching that.

And we’re off the rails.


Andrea Mitchell: Sean Spicer First Press Briefing Was ‘Substantive’ And ‘Responsive’

I never thought I would hear that from Andrea Mitchell. Will wonders never cease.

It was substantive definitely agree there.

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