First Daily Mass

I went to my first daily mass this morning. It was interesting in a couple of ways. First, that was the quickest mass I have ever been to, just under 25 minutes. Second, I think I was the only person under 60 there (I am 32).

I might try another parish who has an earlier mass next time, as going to mass put me a little close to being late for work.

Just thought I’d share…

Welcome to the daily Mass “crowd” I love daily Mass for several reasons. Small group and usually the same people. More intimate, not usually as many distractions. I feel young also. I am 49 but am usually the youngest person there.The most important reason of course is the Eucharist and the Word. Food for the journey, and I learn something from the homily every day. Let God interrupt your life and let God Erupt in your life. :smiley:

I started going to morning masses on the first fridays of the month. I, too, am usually the youngest as well (35 years old).

I like how peaceful it is. There are less distractions and the people are more committed and focused.

I try to attend Mass every day because then I can receive the Eucharist, and it is the only thing that keeps me going. A few years back I attended a one-day retreat given by Fr. Ron Rolheiser regarding the Eucharist. I truly wish I could remember everything he said, but he was absolutely profound and I promised myself that I would try to go to daily Mass. It is important to me, and I would add that most of the people there also attend daily Mass – we usually sit in the same place every day. I love it!!!

I’m going to my first daily Mass on Saturday; I expect it to be wonderful!

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, I think he has a column in our diocesan newspaper, Mississippi Catholic. I always enjoy reading it so I am sure his talk on the Eucharist was very good.

I go to weekday Mass on Thursday mornings (one of only two weekday Masses offered at my parish). I’m definitely the youngest at 21 years of age :D. Usually the same people with the occasional extra or two. I think its funny how we all sit in the same place, spread out even though we are comfortable around each other. For the most part we feel the need to ‘balance’ the worship area or we’ll ‘lean’.

I wish I lived in a town where I could just walk to daily Mass (or church whenever I felt the need for that matter). I would love to celebrate the Mass everyday - that’s one of the things that seems attractive about religious life.

Those are both pretty normal. Daily Mass at my parish usually runs about 30 minutes. It is due to the lack of a second reading, usually shorter homily, and usual lack, or at least decrease of singing.

I’m also usually the youngest, I’m 27, at our Mass. There are sometimes a couple other people there around the same age, and often a baby our two. :smiley: I think it comes from the scheduling, most people who go to daily Mass are either retired or stay at home parents with the occasional person who actually has a work schedule that works with the Mass schedule.

We are having a little celebration after daily Mass tomorrow for our patroness - St Therese - on her feast day. I am on staff at our parish but I am only here early enough for Mass two mornings a week. Lately I have been trying to attend Mass at least one of those two days.

Speaking of fast Masses. The pastor at the parish I got married at said a very fast daily Mass. They had two daily morning Masses. 20 minutes was typical.


It’s great that your going to daily Mass!

There is NO better way to start the day.:slight_smile:

Daily mass and communion is one of the greatest ways of obtaining grace to avoid temptation too. I highly recommend it. I know it’s difficult for those who start work very early, but many times you can find a parish close to work which makes attending easier. Or some churches even have a weekday evening mass. check out for information.

I started attending daily Mass 4 years ago during Lent. I could go 3 days a week, and by the time Lent was over, I was hooked for good. Now, with the way my schedule is, I can go most days, and it is indeed a blessing and a great treasure.

I felt like I had discovered a well-hidden treasure when I discovered daily Mass.

I’m 45, and I’m one of the younger ones there. This summer, I went to a parish near my house that is almost exclusively African American. I was one of the only white folks there, and I was welcomed so warmly. Age, race, occupation, none of that matters.

I hope you continue to attend. It is a source of many blessings and great grace!

Daily Mass ROCKS!

I thoroughly enjoy daily Mass and I go when I can (I help out as an acolyte at the Mass we hold on Monday night at my parish). I’m 22 and I’m the youngest person there by at least 25 years except when my girlfriend is with me.

Recently was able to attend a week of daily masses when I took a “staycation” from work. It was a real blessing! And yes, at sixty-one I was about at the median age. :o

We used to have a priest as a sub who spoke/sang so fast I really could barely understand him. He got through a daily Mass in about 20 mins. I guess that pleases some people. :slight_smile: It seems over all the ones I go to last about 30-40 minutes depending on the homily.

You might check out a noon/lunch Mass, and a 5:00/5:30pm Mass. I go to all three on various days and can’t honestly say I notice a significant difference in age among them. There are more older folks than younger but definitely more than one under age 60! :slight_smile: Our 8am actually often has several families with young children. I’m guessing they are homeschooling. Each daily Mass group has its own personality, as do Sunday Masses. I really like weekday noon Mass when I can get to it.

Your going to find the same in most daily masses you go too. Most younger people can’t make them because of work. I like the daily mass because everyone there are usually very dedicated Catholics and it feels way more spiritual. My favorite mass of the week is the Saturday morning mass then afterwards they say the rosary and have confession, sometimes I’m there for 2 hours.

Thanks for all the replies. Interesting hearing people’s experience. I found a 6pm mass at a church sort of close by, so that gives me another option for daily mass.

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