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I was just reading this piece, which has some good first date ideas.

I really appreciate the fact that the (super secular) advice blogger mentions being a little bit more discriminating about touch. As the advice blogger says, “Your strategy of frequent, escalating touching from the start is very likely making some of the women you meet shut down until they can get away from you.” Amen!

tldr: Have fun! Do outdoor stuff! Don’t feel like you have to be an expert at everything! Don’t be touchy-touchy without making sure it’s OK first!

Great thread! :thumbsup:

It’s a great list - they are all dates I’ve been on and enjoyed. I love having new experiences that I’d most likely enjoy regardless of the company I’m with when I’m on a date. Enjoying the company is just the icing on the cake!

Attend a (not SSPX) Latin Mass together, then stay after to pray the 20 decade Rosary. If you take that advice seriously, you two will have a great future together.

If you’re actually doing this, pray for me during that time as well:D

As a first date it sounds a hoot. Then you can go to coffee and discuss the role of the Filioque on East West politics. This, I find, gets the conversation hopping and really allows for a deeper mutual understanding and respect which is rarely found on a first date.
It invariably leads to many other first dates…

You are a funny guy!

I was thinking of reporting that one, but as you can see, it seems to have gone POOF already.

That’s an incredibly technical and oft misunderstood catechetical term.:bowdown2:


I don’t mean to ruin the mood, but I don’t get the joke. :confused:

Petaro is the unsung champion of dry wit and humour on these boards. :thumbsup:

In this case (inspired by the previous, now-deleted post which suggested Latin Mass and a 20-decade Rosary as good first-date activities) he was making joking suggestions that would ensure that there would, most likely, never be a second date. :slight_smile:

Wait, what? :confused: What’s so funny about that?

When my parents started dating, they went to mass together. This was the first date they went on and was the starting point for their eventual marriage.

I guess everyone looks at things differently. From my viewpoint, a couple going to mass together is a serious matter; nothing to laugh about. :shrug:

I don’t see the rosary as something to laugh about either, given the graces it brings forth. If anything, a couple discerning marriage might benefit from praying the rosary together every now and then.

20 decades may be extreme, but if the couple has time, then who cares?

Romance is good enough :blush:

It might work for some, but IMO mass is way to intimate to do on a first date. I go to church to open my heart to Jesus and I can’t do that with a man I barely know sitting beside me.

Also, when I was younger, I always wanted to save that for my husband. It hurts me when I think I have gone to mass with men and if ever I get married I can’t tell my husband "you are the only man I ever went to mass with’


The “joke” is that you may find a hard time finding a woman or a man who is willing to do this on a first date, and they likely will think the person is overly pious and not pursue a 2nd date.
Prayer is fantastic. And people SHOULD pray together.
But it’s not exactly what people in today’s culture do as a first date in order to get to know one another.
It may put them off believing you are expecting a lifelong commitment RIGHT NOW when you really don’t know much about one another. :shrug:

If one has to explain the nuance of this little post, then never mind.
Nobody was mocking anyone. No need to take offense.

Petaro wasn’t mocking the Mass or Rosary (which are terrific ideas, to be honest.)

He was jokingly suggesting engaging one’s date in a theological debate on the Filioque (a divisive issue between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, which is still far from being resolved and has generated much bad blood on both sides). That was the joke.

Consider the following secular equivalent:

Guy 1: “You should take your date out to see Frozen. I’ve heard girls like that movie.”
Guy 2 (joking): “Yeah! And after that, you should engage her in a detailed discussion on whether that “Let It Go” song is about being a closeted lesbian, having autism, or being an autistic closeted lesbian with an interest in the occult!”
Guy 1: “Yeah, that would be one heck of a date.”


No offense was intended to anyone. Heck, we’re all Catholics here!

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