First evacuating forces head for Gaza settlements

In case you want to keep up, ongoing coverage is here:

[quote=gilliam]In case you want to keep up, ongoing coverage is here:

The fanatics who insist on remaining there after the deadline should be told in no uncertain terms that if they refuse to be evacuated, they are on their own.

My gut is to agree with the above poster, though most will recognize me as generally pro-Israeli.

However my wife reminded me that even fanatics have innocent children! The Israeli government plan to evacuate these folks seems genuinely concerned about their welfare. If I were them I would pursue criminal charges against anyone not coming peacefully, but it would not be right to simply abandon them to their fate.

So far, things seem to be going pretty well. The Palestinians have deployed several thousand troops to prevent attacks against the IDF or the settlers. Sharon’s soldiers are doing their job as expected.

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