First Five minutes of The Golden Compass


Well, heck, in those first few minutes it’s very clear that all this stuff takes place in an alternate universe, not our world. With that premise I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. IF there were such things as alternate realities, then of course it’s possible that the magesterium represented by whatever semblance of organized religion exists in that universe is corrupt and off-kilter.

The clip looked intriguing - for a fantasy film. It is clearly not intended to reflect reality, so go for the ride and enjoy it on its own merits. Thank goodness it is an alternate universe and that the real magesterium is honorable and true.

Interesting that the producers watered down the story so much. With these books-turned-films remaining true to the story is so important. For fantasy films, even moreso, because the fan base for the novels is the target market for any film attempt. If they had significantly watered down Lord of the Rings or Narnia those films would not have done well. It seems Golden Compass is paying the price for the attempt to reach a broader audience at the expense of insulting the true fanbase. Ratings are not good despite the quality of the film production/cast/cg/costumes, etc.

I actually thought the first five minutes was confusing, and somewhat boring. Didn’t grab me. Perhaps, people who come up with movies that are ‘fantasy type’ feel that if they throw in a British accent or two, that somehow, it will appear more provocative. LOL (ie Harry Potter, although those movies were pretty good)

The Catholic League says that the first movie was purposely watered down so as to lure viewers (youngsters) to want to read the books and then get hooked on the series which gets more venomous and anti-Catholic/Christian as it goes on even to the point of killing God in the 3rd book.

The alternate world that the book and movie refer to is the very real world of the devil. Would we Christians say that reaching this world through a golden compass is entertainment. This series of books are cleverly done and can entrap even adults. Remember the devil is more clever than we are. Stay away from this movie and these books.

I really enjoyed the books, and I’m hoping to see the film. It probably won’t be as good as the book but I think Nicole Kidman is an excellent choice to play Mrs Coulter!

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