First Friday and First Saturday

It is coming tomorrow - Attend the mass if you could. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow being today over here (it’s a timezone thing), I’m heading off to midday mass for first friday in half an hour :thumbsup:

after attending the mass, you can run 1/2 way around the globe, you’ll be having 2 First Friday’s :smiley:

Should us RCIA Candidates go? I’d have to get up at 8 AM (no noon masses in my area), but my bedtime is usually 2 AM:(

If there’s a Sunday vigil Mass in the afternoon you could go to, that would also fulfil the First Saturday conditions.

Otherwise don’t sacrifice that much sleep for it, unless you want to take a catch-up nap at some other point in the day or something.

I work 3 PM - Midnight at the post Office, Mondays through saturdays. The only evenings I have off are Sunday. My regular AA meeting is Sunday at 7:30 PM

Actually I don’t think that is true. So if you want to get a string of “First Saturdays” going be sure to look into this carefully.

I doubt that a Saturday vigil mass (which counts as filling Sunday obligation) can simultaneously also fulfill First Saturday.

Perhaps if you also go to Mass on the following Sunday, the Saturday vigil could count as “First Saturday”. But I’m still fairly ignorant so please investigate – perhaps ask the apologist forum.

I generally go to my church’s First Fridays (which begin around 8 PM). And they count as First Friday.


I don’t think our Lady is quite that picky :wink: as long as we attend Mass on the First Saturday in her honour.

But I rarely if ever attend a Saturday vigil whilst skipping Sunday, the parishes around here have so many Sunday Masses that I can easily make one of em.

See Father Serpa’s reply from 2004.

Isn’t the First Friday next Friday? :confused:

You are right, but today is First Saturday.
You were responding to an old post from previous month.

:o :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Thanks.

Thank you for the link. That is really good news for me. I generally attend weekly “Sunday” Mass on Saturday nights. I sing in the choir and that is when my choir sings.

So now I need to make sure I do all the other things that I can do each “First Saturday”.

I didn’t see the requirements listed above, so here is a link:

*]Confess and receive Holy Communion;
*]Recite five decades of the Rosary;
*]Keep me company for fifteen minutes while meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary,
*]With the intention of making reparation to me."[/LIST]Regarding #3, I generally choose and meditate on only one of the mysteries of the Rosary. And I have frequently decided to do this in the Presence of the Holy Eucharist at our chapel. It can help greatly to bring along some book about the Rosary so that you can find more to dwell on in the rosary mystery – if you first exhaust your own imagination before 15 minutes are up.

While performing the requirements, It is important to have the intention of reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

See also


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