First Friday mass


What is First Friday Mass and how is it different if at all from a normal mass?


it’s a Eucharistic Adoration :)))


Many people attend First Friday Masses as a way of showing special honor to Our Savior, in an effort to make some small reparation for so much coldness in the world toward Him.

It is part of devotional practices to the Sacred Heart, focused on meditating on the immensity of His love for us.

You can probably find some publications about the devotion to the Sacred Heart in your local Catholic bookstore, or online. You can also find additional information by reading the autobiography of St. Margaret Mary.

Here are some links: (see the 12 Promises link at the bottom)


Nothing, according to the Missal. Some parishes may add extra devotions, such as the votive Mass of the sacred heart, music, or adoration, but those are not universal.


I’ll be there!


Nothing special in my archdiocese cathedral. only that we have our mass inside the church and not in the chapel


You can still practice the First Friday devotion yourself if you want to even if the liturgy is the same as any weekday liturgy. You don’t have to seek out a special Mass–Mass is Mass. :slight_smile:


There is no special lectionary or prayers for First Friday. The devotion has to do with receiving commuion for 9 months on the first Friday of the month. As you say - the Mass is the Mass.

Several parishes around here hold an evening Mass on First Fridays, but when we are “doing” First Fridays, we go to whatever Mass we can make - the special evening Mass, or the regular morning Mass that is every week day. :wink:


I think we’re saying basically the same thing? I hope I didn’t give the impression that people who practice the First Friday devotion have to say special prayers…although of course some of them want to and do privately, like the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

One parish I went to did use a missalette that included the Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart. The pastor sometimes celebrated the Votive Mass–the Collect focused on the theme of the Sacred Heart, and I believe some other prayers as well. But of course a Votive Mass is not “required”…some celebrants do use it though.


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