First Friday Masses

Has the practice of communing on 9 consecutive first Fridays gone to the wayside? I remember pressure put on me 40-some years ago to go. If memory serves, this was all about devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus revealed to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. There was a list of promises, the most notable being assured you would go to heaven if you kept your end of the agreement. Set me straight if I am wrong.

I try and read the bulletins and websites of Catholic churches in the area, and I can honestly say I have not seen mention of this for decades.

We have an all night Vigil on First Fridays.

My church does 24 hour Adoration on the first Friday of every month.

I’d like to know more about this. I don’t think my church does it, however, we have a 24 hour adoration chapel so maybe some individuals do.

My home parish has First Friday Adoration.
The parish where I attend Mass overseas has a Holy Hour before the Obligation (Sunday) Mass. I need to mention that I work in the Middle East where the Sunday Mass is celebrated Friday through Sunday, not just Saturday and Sunday. The normal work week is Sunday through Thursday. Fifteen different Obligation Masses are offered in 8 different languages on any given weekend. There are also at least 2 daily Masses throughout the work week.
Home for the summer, I did attend First Friday Mass when I visited my brother in TX.

The school where I taught had all school Mass every First Friday. Lots of parents attended, too.

Too bad we closed due to lack of enrollment . . .:frowning:

Actually it is not dead elgar. Many parishes should have some sort of practice for First friday devotions, though not all parishes do it. Some, like my home parish, do not list it in the bulletin but do have it, albeit at an inconveinient time like 9am mass and the benedication/adoration after with confessions (Wrong! order! How can I receive communion if my soul isn’t in the state of grace!!!). That’s why I did it through another parish in my area who has the confessions and benediction/adoration before the evening mass, with rosary in between. They do list their First Friday times and such. I ended doing more than required, that is 11 straight first fridays. At 27 I’m suprized I actually did it.

The key here is to **actually ask each parish individually **aside from their bulletins by phone. Hopefully there is an evening one you can do. BTW, do you also need more information about the practice itself?

I am beginning to think that First Fridays are making a come back. The parish to the south of us is currently doing the Mass with confessions and then Adoration. Locally, its done with a Mass only.

My parish has exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday AM until Saturday AM, and 2 Masses every morning, so those who wish to make First Friday devotions are well able to do so.

Our parish does benediction on First Fridays after both masses, and the Carmelite convent in Dallas holds an all-night (5p Fri - 7a Sat) adoration vigil, with FSSP EF masses and confession at 8p and 3a, and OF mass at 7a. It always amazes me how many people pack into that teeny, hot little chapel.

My mother attends the 9 First Fridays. In many immigrant communities, it’s still very much alive. At my old Parish, there’s Adoration after Mass on those occasions. No confessions on that day, though - though the lines apparently get longer on first Thursdays of the month in anticipation.

We have it at my parish. The pastor added an extra evening Mass on First Fridays, plus Adoration, plus confession before each Mass for those who wish to take advantage. :thumbsup:

There is no Mass on Friday in my parish, so I am basically forbidden the First Friday devotion with all other members, as Communion is required as part of the devotion. I believe, and please don’t ban me for speaking the Truth, that the “spirit” of Vatican II caused Devotion to the Sacred Heart, and all Traditional forms of Catholicism, especially those with a promise of final salvation attached, to be relegated to the sidelines in favor of devotions centering on God’s “love” and “mercy.” Yet that love and mercy demands obedience and justice, which Vatican II hates. Whether deliberate or not, those who supported Vatican II allowed the Devil to take control of our Church and sent countless souls to hell.

That is definitely NOT taught by the Church.

I don’t know how popular the devotion is, compared to 20 or 50 years ago, but many churches have different mass times scheduled for 1st Fridays.

The Devil is in control of our Church??? :mad:

Just love how some people just blame Vatican II for everything…:rolleyes:

I read a non-Catholic minister write how attendance at Sunday services and other worship services had diminished over the past years. He pointed to how, unlike Catholics, there was no Vatican II to blame.
It is a reality of the 20th Century, and now 21th Century that our lives are busier. There are more distractions. It was why Vatican II was convened, to bring the Gospel message to the modern world.
The Gospel message is essentially one of love and mercy. St. Paul brought that message initially to a pagan world. Over time, rich devotions have developed withing the Catholic Church as response to that mercy and love. The First Friday devotion is simply one of those devotions.

What I tell people about my Catholic Faith is that it is simple enough to be summarized in the Apostles Creed, yet rich enough that I can never reach its depths. The Catholic Church has a boundless richness of devotions that have developed through the ages from the Stations of the Cross to the Rosary, to different Novenas. There are many different ways for an individual to express personal Faith. Different parishes provide different services according to resources.

Vatican II did not change any Church teaching. It’s documents are readily available to the public and I highly recommend them. What sets the Catholic Church apart from other denominations is that we do not rely on scripture alone, but accept Tradition, and the magisterium to protect both scripture and Tradition by the power of the Holy Spirit. Vatican II was a gathering of the magisterium and its documents were the result.

This is truly contemptible.

And the allegation that Vatican II somehow “hates” obedience and justice is just so uninformed, and yet they love to parrot it as Truth with a capital T. But it can be easily disproven by a proper reading of the Vatican II documents.

But you know.

Post hoc.
Ergo, proper hoc. :shrug:

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