First glimpse of adoration....Wow!


Just a little story of today’s events for me

Today was quite a emotion bearing one. I was having a empty day where the world seemed bleak and against me as the day went by. I took extream notice whenever I felt that I was simply a background in others conversations, or blatantly ignored. Really I accepted that I’m anti-social and dislike talking to others for more than a greeting.

Anyways lunch comes and during the long lunch line I am kinda forced into disscussion with this person I knew from last year though really just aknowledged and never talked personally with. For some reason I was asked my religion and when I said Catholic; it seemed like the green light to begin the thrashing of religion. With a smug outlook he questioned me about the Clergy scandal, how some stories in the bible were even possible to achieve, and even went as far as to say that he read the bible more than I did. him reading it to find contridictions and the more violent parts of the OT Finally getting out of line I promptly broke away from him giving at least a mediocre job at apolegetics.

I believe by that point I reached the bottom point of my care for Human socializing. I felt disgust at simply seeing others laughing and enjoying themselves (People I didn’t know) and pretty much wanted nothing to do with other people. Well I finish school in this horrid mood and keep it mostly the same during a after-school meeting of speech and debate. I find out that I won’t be picked up for another hour because I messed up with the timing for my mother to pick me up. Luckily for me my High school had a parish right next door to it. I was calmed down by now though I still would rather not talk to anybody at the moment and decided to go wait at the Parish.

Part of my story that has to do with the topic

Well I enter the chapel and WOW the impact was almost immediate. Seeing the Eurcharist sacrifice and the silence of the place had melted all my anger and frustration at the world away. (I litterally shed tears when I entered the peace of the chapel) So I placed my backpack down and kneeled at Eurcharist saying any prayers I knew and felt a spiritual lightening. I spent about ten minutes in there but it was more than enough to get me feeling better about the day.

Anyways that was my first experience with Adoration; I really hope to have my mother pick me up late more often. :slight_smile:

Off topic: Is it a sin to be anti-social? I literally have about two people who talk to me and listen fully even if another person is there. Everyone else I know fade me into the background the moment one of their ‘closer’ friends arrive and start talking. I really have no will to want to change that so answering this would be helpful to me.


Praise be to God!!! What a precious experience of intimacy with Jesus :).

Do you think you could ask your Mom to pick you up a few minutes late, on days you want to practice the Adoration?

As for your other question, I can’t see why it would be a sin to be anti-social :confused:.


It’s not a sin to be anti-social, but it is a sin to hate others or be jealous of other’s good fortune. It is a virtue, though, to love others despite their sins and wickedness, to forgive them for their offenses (even when we feel embarassed to do so), and to smile at the good fortune of others, and, if it is in accordance to charity, to ask the Lord to give them more good fortune. To be anti-social, though, is not a sin. In fact, it could be a sign that God wants you to be a Priest or a Religious Brother - though there is a calling to those vocations, whether it’s a desire, a vision, or something else. (Just make sure not to wish to receive any visions, because that opens the door for Satan; God gives as he pleases, but Satan gives as man pleases).

You should go to Adoration more, encompass yourself in the Peace of God. Ask Jesus to wrap you in Himself, He who is Peace itself. You don’t necessarily have to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament though; simply thinking about the Lord is enough, and, at times, it is better than saying prayers. Always make sure to thank God for every Adoration you make, because it is a great miracle to be allowed to be in the Prescence of God.

You can also read the Bible in the chapel if you want, listening to God in His Word and meditating on what He tells you, and, of course, adhereing to what the Lord says, imitating His Holiness.


Great idea. Or you might even ask her to pick you up at church, and invite her to come in and join you for a moment of adoration. Perhaps she needs to experience Jesus in the way you did!


I hope this isn’t too much for you. :slight_smile:

A great way to show God you love Him is to make your way to the chapel on your knees. But this is a great penance, so be sure to seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit before you make it; He may not want you to do such a great penance just yet.


Hi Flavious and thank you for sharing your story with us.

I can fully appreciate your reticence to be sociable with others. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when I was 42 and suddenly realized why social interaction throughout my life had been so fraught with anxiety and unease.

As we are all children of God, I have no doubt that God accepts those idiosyncrasies that are beyond our control. You are obviously very spiritual, and frequent prayer (and adoration) will greatly strengthen your relationship with God.

God Bless you.




Thanks Nickkname for this wonderful and reassuring advice. I’m sure that it will stand Flavious in good stead.




Maybe you are anti-social, or just young and a bit insecure?

Anyway, thanks for sharing this great testimony here - I think that with the Lord, you will overcome your shyness too - as you see, nothing is impossible for Him - it is not that easy to cope with anger on your own - trust me!

So Praise the Lord!


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thanks for answering and reading about my experience. If I could compare the chapel I’d say it was a person’s armory for their faith. Their is rosaries and many bibles for use; plus people respect the area to stay quiet. At the time their was no one in the chapel but I think that made it a even better experience for me personally.

As for my Offtopic question, considering I’m 16 I would guess I went a bit far to say anti-social. I do experience shyness but it’s not something I curse. Normally if I have the choice of simply staying by myself or being among people I’ll choose the first. So now my major sin is letting emotion control me through anger and jealously (and that is usually even contained). it’s a much easier cross to bear than the one before it so really I feel like a legionary who trains with twice the weight so normal arms seem light.

Anyways for now I hope to do personal visits to the chapel for fifteen minute periods, but who knows I might go to an official adoration with you know other people. :smiley:


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