First Holy Communion Gift


My son is currently preparing to make his First Holy Communion, on the 18th of May, he is 8.

I would really like to get him a special gift from us and was thinking on getting him a Bible, he has a childrens Bible but not a proper Bible of his own.

Bearing in mind I am in the UK :smiley: can anyone suggest a website, or somewhere, I could get my son a nice (proper translation!) Bible, I have been looking online but google is not my friend in this instance.

Also any other ideas for gifts for him would be appriciated as my in-laws (who are not Catholic) want to get him a gift rather than give him money and I am struggling to think of something to suggest as I know my family will give him things like Rosary Beads and books of Saints and the usual Communion gifts, I still have all of the gifts I was given on my First Holy Communion and can remember who gave each one to me!

Thanks in advance for your help! :smiley:


I am very fond of the RSV Catholic bible from Ignatius Press. It is well typeset and beautifully bound, and of course the translation is excellent.

Beyond the other usual First Holy Communion gifts, also consider a brown scapular and having a priest enroll him in the brown scapular. I know a lot of people think this should be done later (perhaps at Confirmation), but I know if I was given it when I was a teenager, I would not have paid any attention to it. At age 8, children still have enough curiosity and innocence to really take in something like the brown scapular and commit it to memory.

You might also consider some catechetical text. The Compendium has a nice question/answer format similar to the Baltimore Catechism.

And a Baltimore Catechism:

My daughter had her First Holy Communion last year and still takes her Baltimore Catechism with her to Mass every week. It’s great for children.


Rather than an adult Catechism he may get more out of Youcat - the Youth Catechism, published by the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) ( There is also a Youcat prayer book available.


Here is a good Bible, the RSV 2nd Catholic Edition:

I see that you have already suggested the same. :thumbsup:


I would suggest a holy water font for his bedroom complete with a small bottle of holy water to keep it filled.


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