First Holy communion of child baptised Church of England


Hi my daughter was baptised in a church of England church when she was 5 months old but she is now at a roman Catholic school and is wanting to make her first Holy communion next year. I was baptised roman Catholic. Would she be able to make her first Holy communion or would she need to be re baptised roman Catholic. Thanks in advance x


Her Christian baptism does not need to be given again. An ordinary Holy Communion preperation would be ok for her.


Sit down and speak with your Pastor.


C of E baptisms are as valid as RC baptisms .


Ok brilliant


If you are in England you will need a baptismal certificate from the church where your daughter was baptised .


Hi I have still got this


Make an appointment with your pastor.

For your daughter to begin revceiving sacraments in the Catholic Church she will need to be brought into full communion with the Church and depending on her exact age and determination of the pastor either you as her parent or she on her own will need to make a profession of faith.

She needs to intend to BE a Catholic from here onward.

What led to her being baptized Anglican? Is there an Anglican parent in the picture? Has she been raised in the Anglican faith?

She would need to BECOME a Roman Catholic.

Talk to your pastor.


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