First holy communion question

i have a question that has been on my mind…i am what you would call a ‘fallen away catholic’ that has come back over the last 3 to 4 years (thank you god)…prior to this, b/c of many reasons not appropriate here, we had our 2 dd’s baptised in an episcopal church (valid)…my oldest is in 2nd grade and is now in her 2nd year of RE at our parish…when i registered her for 1st grade last year, the director just sort of rolled her eyes and asked why we did that…i told her (although it was none of her business)…she said ok, but she was not sure if my dd would have to do something in addition to her first reconcilliation (profession of faith???)

in any event, we are now gearing up for the sacraments this year (yea!!!)…she is due to make first reconcilliation in november so i am filling out the paperwork now…in it, it asks again where she was baptized…

could someone w/ knowledge (no opinions, please) tell me if we are in trouble or will my dd be able to proceed w/ her sacraments w/ the other kids???

thanks so much…

I don’t know the answer, and, as requested, will not offer my opinion. I just want to ask what “dd” stands for.

Welcome back home. My prayers are with you and your family.

this is something the DRE should refer to the pastor, the entire family situation.
technically a child of 7 or older is considered an adult for the purposes of the sacraments of initiation, and a person who is baptized in another denomination goes through RCIA (adapted for children) and after suitable preparation, makes a profession of faith, is confirmed and restored to full communion with the Catholic Church, and makes first communion at the same celebration, ideally during a Sunday Mass. Their first confession should be made before this event.

In the case of an entire family converting, each family member is dealt with according to their status: baptized Catholic re-verting, baptized Christian, unbaptized etc., prepared for the sacraments they need and so forth. Children under 7 (considered infants) are baptized if necessary, and if already baptized are considered to follow the parents, as it were, into the Church without anything further being done, except a notation of that fact in the parish register.

It gets confusing and somebody who does not deal with RCIA as their main duty needs the pastor’s guidance, and also the family will undoubtedly benefit from his direct pastoral counsel as well.

Please make an appointment with your pastor, if the DRE won’t do it for you, and make sure he tells her what the program will be.

for practical purposes, in most parishes, since they are really learning the same thing, children preparing for sacraments are in a class with others of their age group, and if dd is progressing with the rest of her class she will have had the necessary preparation, and you hopefully will have the required parent meetings. If the pastor follows the clear recommendation of the RCIA guidelines, you would be instructed in that process and the reasons for it, with some instruction on the sacrament of confirmation as well. It is not necessary to wait for the Easter Vigil, although some parishes do receive other Christians into the Church at that time.

It is a good thing to make sure this is done right know, so that her formal reception into the church is noted in the records, so that there is a record of all her sacraments, which she will need when she marries. the reception of the younger children must also be noted in the parish register for the same reason, as all subsequent sacraments are recorded in the baptismal register. See your pastor.

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