First Lady Hails Free-Contraception Mandate: 'We Made History'

( – First Lady Michelle Obama boasted at a campaign event in Omaha, Neb. on Tuesday that “we made history” when the president’s health care proposal was enacted and the administration issued a regulation mandating that insurance companies provide women with free contraceptives.

“Two years ago, we made history together by finally passing health reform,” said Mrs. Obama. “And because we passed this law, insurance companies will now have to cover basic preventive care–things like prenatal care, mammograms, contraception–at no extra cost.”

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finalized the “preventive services” regulation in January and it will take effect for most employers on Aug. 1. The regulation mandates that nearly all health insurance plans in the United States must provide women with sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives (including those that can induce abortions) without any fees or co-pay.

‘No extra cost’ - except to the employer! She missed that out. There is so such thing as free contraception in the new mandate. To pay for the services insurance companies will not be able to charge a deductible or co-pay for the coverage so the added cost will be added to the premium everybody has to pay. Except for the Amish, they get a religious exemption.

If ObamaCare and the mandate is so great why do the majority of polls show most Americans want the mandate repealed if not the entire law?

You did make history - by making arguably the worst impingement on religious freedom in 200 years.

I wonder if she’ll be out boasting about making history if the Supreme Court shoots the whole ACA down?

It’s embarrassing…

I get offended when people tell me they’re on the pill or they got their tubes tied. It’s not something that I feel should be broadcast in polite company.

Why should insurance cover basic low cost preventive care measures? I thought insurance was to shield against large cost items that could seriously damage the financial position of an individual.

Kind of like how I don’t file an insurance claim for changing the oil in my car or buy tires, but I do file a claim if I suffer a deer strike.

My thoughts exactly.

These two statements are pretty out there. But you do say “arguably” so I guess you know that there’s no way you can compare the HHS mandate with the history of actual religious persecution in the USA, never mind say it’s the worst. It’s a totally unsupportable claim.


A new Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll found that support for certain components of President Obama’s health reform law seems to be slowly increasing with time. According to the report, the percentage of Americans polled who are in support of the law’s provision preventing insurance companies from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions has jumped to 71 percent from just 64 percent at the end of 2010.

Other provisions of the ACA that are gaining acceptance since November 2010: creating insurance exchanges where people can shop for insurance is up to 59 percent from 51 percent; requiring research to measure the effectiveness of different treatments is now at 53 percent from 44 percent; and providing tax credits to small businesses to help pay for their employees’ insurance is now up 70 percent versus 60 percent.

Forcing people to pay for something against their conscience is a form of religious persecution.


Certain components, but what people are opposed too is the individual mandate and that seems to be an intrinsic part of ObamaCare.


It is religious persecution, right out of the Communist/Fascist playbook. You basically neuter the church, so that you cannot practice your faith outside of you’re Churches walls.

Off topic but this surprises me:

An email just got sent to Georgetown students saying the university will not give in to pressure to cover contraception in its health plan.

Good for them.

I wish the First Lady would be more apolitical, would reflect her husband’s status as Head of State more than his role as Head of Government. For the most part I’ve been impressed with the little snippets of news I’ve encountered about Mrs. Obama, but not this one. :nope:

A couple I know, at a party, said that she had had her tubes tied, and he had a vasectomy. The announcement was greeted by silence, and no wonder. I thought of telling them in detail about a colonoscopy I had several years ago. :wink:

Good one Rich!


First Lady Hails Free-Contraception Mandate: ‘We Made History’

So did Hitler…:shrug:


The poll doesn’t support your claim.

To take the HHS mandate on birth control and compare it at all to religious persecution in the 200 years, never mind to say it’s the worst, is absurd. Some reading of basic history on the subject is in order, starting with the Native Americans.

And because of “making history”, there will be potentially millions of souls who will not have a chance to make history, because they won’t be born.

The individual mandate is not mentioned in the Harris poll, that is what other polls show the objections are too.

To take the HHS mandate on birth control and compare it at all to religious persecution in the 200 years, never mind to say it’s the worst, is absurd. Some reading of basic history on the subject is in order, starting with the Native Americans.

Do not patronize me, persecution towards other people does not delineate the fact that the HHS mandate is persecution. Forcing people to pay for a pill which destroys human being in the womb is disgusting and it is persecution.


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