First lady Michelle Obama’s final White House speech



You can watch a video of it here


A very classy lady. My favorite first lady in our modern era.


Classy indeed.


She is one of the women I admire most. Gracious. Devoted to her family. Rising above the constant verbal and written attacks on her. Always looking to the good in a situation. She is a beautiful woman. Would that all of us model her behavior and grace.


She is also complicit in the promotion of abortion and same-sex marriage.


I don’t like her political views (abortion), but I have admired & respected her as first lady. I think I will admire & respect the incoming first lady as well.


I don’t think we’ll see or hear much from Mrs Trump. Personally I am rather leary of the much younger third wife who grew up under communism, fabricated her background and credentials, and has a whole lot of nude modeling pictures floating around. It’s quite clear that she is not one for the public arena, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she stays home with her son and makes appearances when needed the most.






How in Heaven’s name is the woman responsible for the regime she grew up under? She was born in the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia in Slovenia as I recall, that area is now an independent nation. My wife grew up under a communist regime in the CCCP and her family were career military in the Red Army and I would be bemused if as an objection to her someone said ‘she grew up under communism’. I am equally bemused why Melanie Trump should have an issue such as that which was a product of the intersection of historical forces that existed long before she was born dragged up.


Is this an example of the poster modeling Mrs Obama’s grace?


Some people have short memories. Permit me to refresh them…

I heard in a PSA for Feeding America, that there are 16 million hungry children in this country. How could this happen with 8 years of Moochelle’s school lunch program? Of apple slices in Happy Meals?

Also, how classy can it be to shut down traffic while on a personal quest for Tuscan Kale? How many White House dinners were really supplied with vegetables harvested from that garden?

We’ve also forgotten those seperate vacations/seperate flights early on during Barkie’s reign of mediocrity. Moochelle was so concerned for the people of Africa that she went on European shopping sprees. She’s also packed on a few pounds. All those Empress-waist gowns to conceal the excess. “Being able to have french fries whenever you want” will have that effect.


This is a lady who famously said she wasn’t proud of her country until her husband was elected president. Not my idea of class.


I think it would be advisable in a spirit of charity to not gossip or create scandal about either woman and dish dirt on them.


It was a very powerful and emotional speech.

I think that Michelle Obama has been a fantastic First Lady.

Also (and not that this is important) but she looked stunning during that speech. That red dress suited her perfectly and her hair was beautifully done.


I for one am glad that she is gone. She was never my first lady as she so many times used her color as a reason for why the USA is a bad place.


What was the quote, something about “going high”? Not so much, it seems.


I saw it rather as her dealing with the reality that unpleasant things had occurred in the history of that nation. I never saw here as presenting an image of the USA a a place where only unpleasant things had occurred though, she seemed to be merely dealing with the reality that like all states the USA is imperfect and has its own set of past and present injustices, just as do all nations.


Uncalled for. No matter what one’s political leanings, or views on her husband’s tenure as president.


Agreed, the personal slaps at both women are uncalled for. Insulting a man’s wife is in poor taste, but then I am an old fashioned male chauvinist and would say that.

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