First Mass at Christ Cathedral

First Mass at Christ Cathedral

This video raises more questions than it answers. Sister in a pant suit? Liturgical dance? Not really a Mass? (The titles at the end suggest that Mass will not be celebrated inside until 2015.) Was this an outside Mass?

Where was the sister in a pant suit?

Why wasn’t it a mass? The title says “First Mass was celebrated on the campus…” the campus means the grounds, and not necessarily the building

The video itself says that Mass will not be celebrated inside until 2015.

The concelebrants seemed to be dressed in quite conservative vestments.

What are the questions you have?

This one was outside simply because no structure there would have accommodated all the worshipers. The “arboretum” was Schuller’s original “sanctuary” at this campus (after the drive in movie theater) and will be used for Mass until the Cathedral renovations are complete.

EDIT: You can get more info about the changes at the diocesan news site. If you look at the video called “renewing Christ Cathedral campus,” you will see the arboretum renovation.

I wasn’t there, but:

“Sister in a pantsuit”? - (video interview is at St. Callistus see below).

This video incorporates excerpts from different events, though one of them does look to be an outdoor mass with OC’s new Bishop Kevin Vann presiding.

I think I see the thing you’re asking about as “liturgical dance?” I can’t tell if it is during a mass, part of a before or after festivity, the procession before mass begins or what. :shrug:

Outdoor masses must be OK, the Popes do them (not regularly but at highly attended special events - as this would be). Outdoor masses are not the plan at Christ Cathedral. Special events notwithstanding.

It is good news that care is being taken before masses are said inside the ediface once called “The Crystal Cathedral” - as it indicates prudence beyond just rushing in to quickly say masses in a facility not originally designed with the Mass in mind.

The interior will have adjustments made to make it a “Catholic place of worship” fit for mass – especially important given the visibility and fame of the structure.

I believe THIS is the interior of the building now being renovated to hold mass in while the “Cathedral” building is being renovated to better accommodate masses. It was called the “arboretum” and once was Schuller’s chapel; as was another smaller one high up in the former “Tower of Power” structure that is topped by a cross visible from many parts of central Orange County and its surrounding hills.

Another building on the campus (above) is more easily converted into a place for mass in the meantime (with less spectacular architechture, but similar in look to other Catholic Churches that were built in the area about the same time).

The transition period where the old Crystal Cathedral ministry (or part of it, there has been a split in leadership there) moves to St. Callistus is ending; and the campus soon will become fully utilized by the Diocese (which looks to move its administrative headquarters to this almost perfectly centralized Orange County location).

By previous reputation Bishop Kevin Vann has been quite orthodox - though he inherits
the “Cathedral” as he begins his reign.

The Catholic Parish that was St. Callistus is numerous and thriving and could benefit from the extra space the Cathedral affords for parking, seating, etc. < THIS is quite an enjoyable story (2/1/2012) and recaps some eye opening things.

Did you know there was already a statue of Blessed Fulton Sheen on the grounds? Placed there by Reverend Schuller years ago? Sheen was once a speaker at the Crystal Cathedral in a broadcast aired nationwide! :slight_smile:

Beautiful statue of him.:thumbsup:

He’s Golden!

Call the engraver, Blessed Fulton will be St. Fulton soon.

I wonder if the presence of his statue on the grounds preceding the Cathedral’s eventual sale to the Diocese could constitute his “second miracle” and speed his formal “Sainthood”?

**Saint Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church reported on April 21, 2011:
TV pastor Robert Schuller tells about the time Bishop Fulton Sheen spoke at the Crystal Cathedral. Fulton Sheen was one of the most effective religious communicators of his time. In the early 1950s his weekly television broadcast was the most popular program in the country.

Because he was so popular, thousands of people came to hear Sheen at the Crystal Cathedral. After the message, he and Robert Schuller were able to get to their car only because a passageway was roped off. Otherwise, they would have been mobbed. Along both sides of the ropes, people were reaching out in an attempt to touch the bishop. It was as if the pope himself had come to town.

As Sheen was passing through this section on his way to his car, someone handed him a note, which he folded and put into his pocket. Then, as he and Schuller were on their way to the restaurant where they were going to eat lunch,

Bishop Sheen pulled out that note, read it, and asked Schuller, “Do you know where this trailer park is?” Schuller looked at the note and said, “Yes, it’s just a couple of miles from here.” The bishop said, “Do you think we could go there before we go to lunch?” “Sure,” Schuller answered. “We have plenty of time.” So they drove to this little trailer park, and Bishop Sheen went up to one of the trailers and knocked on the door.

An elderly woman opened the door, and seemed surprised–flabbergasted, really–when she saw who had come to visit her. She opened the door and the bishop went in. After a few moments, he came out, got back in the car and said, “Now she’s ready for living–in this life and the next.”

It seems the good Bishop stopped by to hear a confession. :slight_smile: - a saint would have his priorities straight like that.

PS: My Mom and Dad lived in a little trailer park near the Crystal Cathedral. I wonder. :smiley:

Great story!! :thumbsup:

I think that this is good. I used to watch “the Hour of Power” many years ago when I was thinking about becoming a Christian before I made my decision to become a Catholic. The building being converted to Catholic is symbolic of individual conversions to the Catholic faith.

The comments on that video are ugly, seeking first to denigrate and tear down other Catholics for some very superficial seeming concerns at best. I don’t understand that brand of Catholicism.

Fulton Sheen is not a Blessed yet. He is a Venerable.

The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen passed away while in the presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Here’s something about it:

A selection from A Treasure in Clay, the autobiography of Archbishop Sheen.

On the day of my Ordination, I made two resolutions:

  1. I would offer the Holy Eucharist every Saturday in honor of the Blessed Mother to solicit her protection on my priesthood. The Epistle to the Hebrews bids the priest offer sacrifices not only for others, but also for himself, since his sins are greater because of the dignity of the office.

  2. I resolved also to spend a continuous Holy Hour every day in the presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

In the course of my priesthood I have kept both of these resolutions. The Holy Hour had its origin in a practice I developed a year before I was ordained. The big chapel in St. Paul’s Seminary would be locked by six o’clock; there were still private chapels available for private devotions and evening prayers. This particular evening during recreation, I walked up and down outside the closed major chapel for almost an hour. The thought struck me - why not make a Holy Hour of adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament? The next day I began, and the practice is now well over sixty years old.

Briefly, here are some reasons why I have kept up this practice, and why I have encouraged it in others:

First, the Holy Hour is not a devotion; it is a sharing in the work of redemption. Our Blessed Lord used the words “hour” and “day” in two totally different connotations in the Gospel of John. “Day” belongs to God; the “hour” belongs to evil. Seven times in the Gospel of John, the word “hour” is used, and in each instance it refers to the demonic, and to the moments when Christ is no longer in the Father’s Hands, but in the hands of men. In the Garden, our Lord contrasted two “hours” - one was the evil hour “this is your hour” - with which Judas could turn out the lights of the world. In contrast, our Lord asked: “Could you not watch one hour with Me?”. In other words, he asked for an hour of reparation to combat the hour of evil; an hour of victimal union with the Cross to overcome the anti-love of sin.

Secondly, the only time Our Lord asked the Apostles for anything was the night he went into his agony. Then he did not ask all of them … perhaps because he knew he could not count on their fidelity. But at least he expected three to be faithful to him: Peter, James and John. As often in the history of the Church since that time, evil was awake, but the disciples were asleep. That is why there came out of His anguished and lonely Heart the sigh: “Could you not watch one hour with me?” Not for an hour of activity did He plead, but for an hour of companionship.

The third reason I keep up the Holy Hour is to grow more and more into his likeness. As Paul puts it: “We are transfigured into his likeness, from splendor to splendor.” We become like that which we gaze upon. Looking into a sunset, the face takes on a golden glow. Looking at the Eucharistic Lord for an hour transforms the heart in a mysterious way as the face of Moses was transformed after his companionship with God on the mountain. Something happens to us similar to that which happened to the disciples at Emmaus. On Easter Sunday afternoon when the Lord met them, he asked why they were so gloomy. After spending some time in his presence, and hearing again the secret of spirituality - “The Son of Man must suffer to enter into his Glory” - their time with him ended and their “hearts were on fire.” Read more

Wonderful man. I am following his cause on the periphery. I even went to the Mass of Thanksgiving in Peoria last Sept for his being declared Venerable. :slight_smile: Met members of his family and the lady who was his secretary.

You must be reading into the Sr.'s comments and that of the bishop things they did not say. Neither said anything about “other Catholics” of any stripe. Both were talking about renewing a formerly Protestant campus with its buildings as a new place of worship that will, in part, carry on the spiritual legacy of the Crystal Cathedral–because nothing about the exterior is going to change. It will have the same tower and cross it has now. Really, some of us are just a little overly sensitive and so hear things that were not said because of our own fears about the future of the Church. Fear not! The Church is fine and so is the Diocese of Orange, CA.

Where? The Sister that is interviewed is basically a head shot. There’s no way to tell if she’s wearing pants or a skirt.

Liturgical dance?

Its hard to tell when that took place. Was it part of the Mass or was it part of something before/after Mass?

Not really a Mass? (The titles at the end suggest that Mass will not be celebrated inside until 2015.) Was this an outside Mass?

It clearly states that its a Mass on “campus” and thus it was a Mass, it just wasn’t in the cathedral proper since apparently it is not ready yet.

How so?

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