First mass gay wedding in Canada draws couples from around the world


Hello folks, prepare to be outraged. You’ve probably already heard about it by now, but in Toronto, Canada, there was a Grand Pride Wedding for LGBT couples Thursday and the article I’m attaching the link to says 12 different denominations participated. 108 “couples” participated all told and some of the photos might turn your stomach a bit as they did mine, but there it is.

Here it is: First mass gay wedding in Canada draws couples from around the world

What I cannot fathom is how does a Protestant Pastor expect God to feel about his or her condoning something that is very clearly spelled out in our Bible as an abomination in God’s sight? Yet, there they stood, blessing what should be cursed and done in God’s name.



We will not see perfection in any religion on earth. By their fruits we shall know them.


My son is there. If something offended my faith I wouldn’t go looking for pics and posting them. Just a thought. If something is outrageous to my faith I’d concern myself with prayer. This is a dead horse topic. Everyone knows where the Catholic Church stands on this and getting all worked up won’t change people’s feelings except to incite anger. I equate this to protesting pornography and then posting pics and warning people how horrible they are so they can look at them. For what purpose? It is already on the news so I’m sure people can see it–just seems like a topic on happy families or children’s resources or a topic on counting one’s blessings would be something more people can use.


What can we say that the bible hasn’t already said so many times?


Know your enemy. The world has an ugly side to it. If we refuse to see the enemy’s traps we risk being caught by them.

If an offensive picture is attractive and could corrupt the morals of others I won’t post it.

If a picture is merely offensive I will post it - with warnings - so that I don’t have to spend time describing it and explaining why it is offensive. A picture is worth a thousand words.


I’m not outraged. I’m saddened that, as Catholics; our message of empathy for those with same sex attraction hasn’t connected. I feel deep hurt for anyone who feels that the church is ‘not for them’ or who feels excluded. I feel bad that, in my own life; I have actively avoided this uncomfortable issue. My son’s father was in a relationship with another man when he died; may God have mercy on his soul. That this might have kept him from visiting the church which might have helped him before his untimely death sears my soul.

I don’t know how to feel. I just feel sad. But outraged; no.


Just a thought, Glenda, you don’t sound outraged in this post, you, IMHO, sound gleeful that you are far holier than those in the article. Those who want to point fingers and feel righteous are just tilting at windmills. The gay/straight civil marriage train has left the station. Instead of continually standing up on your soapbox and denouncing the “so-called” gay agenda, why not feed the homeless or visit prisoners as The Lord requested we all do? :shrug:


Canada is not my nation and I have no influence over this sort of stuff there or elsewhere.

So instead of bothering with it and clogging the limited space in my mind with it, I will concentrate on working off my Purgatory. Methinks, if enough people did the same, we could, in time, bring holiness back to the cities of NA.



Nobody is saying that the Church is not for them. Nobody is lacking empathy. In fact, quite the contrary.

“Loving sinners necessarily results in hating sins. If you have a cancer that’s destroying your body, then if I don’t hate that cancer, then I don’t really love you. And the more I love you the more I am going to hate the cancer. And that’s what sin is, cancer to the soul.”

So if someone is sinning and you love the sin thinking you are loving the sinner then that is not empathy.

“The theology of love must seek to deal realistically with the evil and injustices of the world and not merely to compromise with them.”

I am outraged at this the same way I am outraged when mass sinning is condone in our society. Be that abortion or any other sin.



I’m afraid I didn’t word my comment clearly. I meant empathy for the plight of people with same sex attraction, which must be extremely difficult. Outrage doesn’t accomplish anything, in my humble opinion.

As to people thinking the Church is not for them; this is something I have heard from two people with SSA that I know personally. When I assure them that they are indeed welcome and that they can live true to their hearts (without SSA) only with God’s love and grace, they tell me the Church hates them! One man is now part of a Protestant group particularly for people just like him. Where did they get this idea? Is it possible that they got this erroneous idea from Catholics just like you and I?

I understand that it is hard to look at the problem of society-condoned wickedness without being angry. I myself pray for these but can only have interaction with the individual; the man with SSA who feels shunned or the woman with an unplanned pregnancy who feels alone. I am as bad as the next person at living my faith.

This isn’t a simple issue. People with SSA are as susceptible as anyone else to the pressures and morés of this world. However; our message of love and forgiveness isn’t getting through! Why is that?




But nobody thinks the Church is not for them. In fact, I think the Church is for them more than anything.

And one can have SSA however why make a show? Why make churches marry them if they don’t believe in the sacrament?

I feel bad for those who legitimate have SSA, however I see that it has turn into a political movement that seeks gain and the destruction of Christianity more so than their own “rights”.

I feel equally bad for those Christians persecuted because they adhere to the teachings of Christ if you know what I mean.

The Church is for them. The Church is for us all sinners. Nobody here said it wasn’t.


Oddly enough, I agree with you on this. (I don’t mean YOU are odd, of course); just that tired old conservatives like me sometimes find far more wisdom in a post from someone who seems more liberal than me on some issues, than I do from people who I would think I would be in agreement with.

Best wishes in terms of your own relationship with your (young adult?) son. I have 4 young adult sons. I am still trying to figure how to relate to them well, or rather live up to them. I trust no matter where your son is in the crowd, God can find him. Us too.


This makes good sense. Thank you for your reply. I agree that the Church has open arms for people with SSA. Perhaps the problem is with the perception of the Church; rather than her truth? This is something I must wrangle with in my heart and in my dealings with the two men I mentioned. Please pray for them. Jenny x


Of course. :slight_smile:


The photos seem similar to those at any wedding. The only difference is that the couples were of the same sex.

BTW, the 12 denominations were not all Christian. Most came from other faith traditions. Here is the list from the official Grand Pride Wedding website:

United Church
New Thought
First Nations Elder
Old Roman Catholic
Unitarian Universalist

For persons unfamiliar with the Old Roman Catholic church, it is Protestant and has no affiliation with Rome.




This doesn’t soundf like empathy


I’m not even going to look at the link. I kinda wish posters on CAF would leave “gay” people alone…


Well I don’t see how you can come up with that conclusion but to each their own.
There is absolutely nothing lacking in empathy in saying that nobody says the Church is not for them.
The Church is for sinners.

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