First Mass in 10 years - at TLM

Hello, I think I am ready to begin attending Mass again. I haven’t been to Mass since I was eleven years old and that was 10 years ago.

For the past month or so, I have been doing a lot of reading and soul searching and I think I am finally ready to start practicing my faith again.

I have never attended a Latin Mass but I feel drawn to this form of worship as opposed to the Novus Ordo. The Latin Mass seems more sacred and holy and I believe it will greatly enrich my spiritual life. Recently, I have found a Church in my area that offers an indult Latin Mass every week and I am thinking of attending this coming Sunday.

I was not confirmed as kid but I was baptised and I received First Holy Communion and Confession. Fr Serpa has told me that I need to attend Confession first and then I can receive the Eucharist once again.

If I do go to Mass this coming Sunday, what should I do? I know I can’t receive, but what should I do in terms of participation given the fact that I’ve never attended TLM?

Also, regarding confession. Do people still go into Confessional booths? I would much rather do this because the confession will be embarrasing for me; as you can imagine I’ve built up quite a bit of sin in 10 years.

Will I have to attend RCIA? I pretty much know the faith because I have studied extensively by reading the catechism and the bible, watching EWTN, reading Catholic Answers etc. At this time in my life, I don’t think I would have time to attend the RCIA because I am just starting University and have a lot on at the moment. However, I will attend if I have to.

What about confirmation? Can the Priest administer this sacrament at any time, or will I have to wait until Easter? I would also prefer to recieve this sacrament in the Latin form and is this possible because of the Motu Proprio?

I know there are a lot of questions in this post but I would appreciate ANY advice that you can give. I’m at a cross roads and I don’t know which way to go at the moment.



Welcome back to the faith. The first step I would take would be to make an appointment with the parish priest where you plan to attend and discuss all of this with him. He would be the best resource for answering your questions. Now regarding RCIA personally I think you would gain alot by attending you will learn so much about your faith than you thought possible. If you plan on attending the TLM then I would also suggest obtaining a missal in order to be able to follow along easily. Again welcome back and many blessings.


Dempsey -

I came into the Church through a local TLM parish. The experience was magnificent. There was no RCIA. I met with father every Saturday for 6/7 months (which was awesome) and it just so happened that worked out to coming in on Easter Vigil. I wasn’t confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass but during that morning with a few family members and a sponsor. Though you don’t need to be confirmed at Easter as I understand it. I was confirmed according to the 1962 rubrics. Lemme tell you, that is one profession of faith!! Its awesome. :thumbsup:

Confession for us is “in the booth”. I suspect most TLM adherents are not interested at all in confession face to face. Although I could be wrong on that. No offense to anyone to does it that way. :slight_smile:

What should you do this Sunday at Mass? My first TLM mass I tried to follow along but gave up and prayed and sat in awe. My suggestion is not to try and follow along but offer Christ’s sacrifice up to Father in union withe priest. Participate internally, in other words. I believe new people coming to the TLM get frustrated by “not knowing what is going on” and end up having a bad experience. Thats a shame. :frowning: Its not about them or what they get out of it.

Go and worship God and just take it all in. It really is the best thing this side of 33AD.

What good news! :thumbsup: Sorry to say, I hope you don’t have to go through RCIA; too many people have experienced watered-down teaching. If you go to a TLM parish, talk to that priest. You are blessed to have a weekly indult Mass. Confession there will normally be with the “screen”.

I agree with matt; don’t worry about following everything precisely. It is enough to let yourself soak it all in. Experiencing it internally is a great way to put it; a meditation.

God bless!

You answered your own question with, “Fr Serpa has told me that I need to attend Confession first and then I can receive the Eucharist once again.”

However, you may have to attend RCIA for Confirmation, or show up to classes that the parish school is holding. For me, a 20-minute interview with the RCIA leader was enough for him to say, “See you on the day of the ceremony. Wear something nice.”

Each diocese assigns a parish a confirmation schedule of once or twice a year. The big “do” is at Easter, but there’s also a smaller one held in November around the feast of Corpus Christi.

If you are in an RCIA or schoolroom class, or if you were judged ready by the priest at the recommendation of the RCIA leader, you will be receiving the sacrament of Confirmation with that class. (A good thing to note, though, is that the priest doesn’t administer the Sacrament, a bishop does.)

Before you meet with the priest or the RCIA Director, do a lot of reading on the sacrament (here’s a good place to start) and get a good idea of a patron saint’s name you’d like to take.

I don’t believe the TLM has been so widespread yet. Most diocese are starting with low Masses either weekly or monthly, “testing the waters,” as it were. I doubt that Confirmation will be celebrated within TLM. However, you can call your diocese and ask if the Bishop plans to do it that way in the future (if he’s even a supporter).

Oh, and welcome home!


I would advise going to RCIA!! What a learning experience!! I was able to ask questions and listen to the questions of others!!

Being confirmed as an adult is an awesome experience!! I could feel the Holy Spirit being sealed in me!

We have had several confirmations at our church that were not done at Easter… I’m pretty sure that they have to be done on Sunday though.

Ask God for guidance!!

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