First Mass

Went to my first Mass this morning!!! It was beautiful and humbling. I sat in the middle, pretty close to the front. I was able to see the Priest and had a few people in front of me so I could follow them. Loved having the order of the Mass and everything right there so I wasn’t lost.

Being there confirmed in my heart only more that I belong in the Church. I hope be able to go back for a few Masses before we move in two weeks.

I am so glad I didn’t wait till we moved. I can see clearly why I was lead into the Church.

I am so happy for you. Welcome Home!

That’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

I am home indeed!!!

Too excited and happy not to share.

God bless you for your happy experience. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is of infinite value, as it is the continuation and renewal of the one and only Sacrifice of the Cross, while being identical to it only with the difference that it is bloodless and can be celebrated repeatable times. St. Leonard of Port Maurice teaches the Holy Mass helps us to satisfy four infinite debts we owe to God, which are praise, satisfaction of sins, thanksgiving and supplication of graces, while the Doctors of the Church St. John Chrysostom, St. Aurelius Augustine and St. Gregory the Great testify that angels themselves assist at Holy Mass. It is emphasized by St. Augustine that they assist the priest celebrating the Holy Mass.

All I can say is…:extrahappy:



It hit me quickly that all this time I thought I was a at service revolving around Christ, I wasn’t. I was a service each week that revolved around man. There was no room for doubt about what Mass is about. Thank you for those links. I am so much to learn but I know I am being guided, I know people are being placed in my life and my adventure of a lifetime is just starting.

That is how I feel! :bounce: :extrahappy: :bounce:

So happy to hear that all went so well for you.

I’m just smiling and smiling :heaven:


Couldn’t have said it any better. It is special to be able to celebrate in union with the communion of saints, the faithful throughout the world, and God Himself. Don’t forget about Adoration for that special time to be next to God. As a Catholic who wasn’t practicing my faith, I have been called back recently also and it has been the most amazing experience. We are on this journey together

What is Adoration? That is so wonderful that you have been called back. How long did you go without practicing your faith?

Adoration is nothing less than sitting quietly and prayerfully in front of the blessed Sacrament.
Some Churches have specific times when the Eucharist is exposed (In an monstrance) for this purpose. Other Churches have set up “adoration chapels” containing the tabernacle for this specific purpose.

One simply comes before God in the tabernacle (or the monstrance) for a visit. One can pray, read, contemplate or simply “Adore” in gratitude the great gift of the blessed Sacrament.


One of the churches I am looking at has a Parish and a Chapel. That explains why there are two. I was very confused on this.

That is incredibly beautiful. How precious that is, that we can go and do that.

Well, I think around 15 years. Growing up Catholic, I always went to Mass and said my prayers because I was taught that is what u do. To say a Rosary seemed like a monumental task and I didn’t really understand much about the Faith other than the basics. I was a teen and going to Mass just wasn’t really what I was interested in. As years went by I slowly separated from going to Church and living like everyone else. Life was pretty good. Got married outside the Church, landed a good job, had 2 beautiful children. Just like any marriage my wife and I have had our troubles, alot because of me, but we got through them. Then I started looking at these children and thinking we should start going back to Church and if anything, it would teach them some values. When I discussed with my other half she agreed to my surprise. I decided the time was now. I was going to give this a real chance this time around. I decided to say the Rosary everyday and do whatever it took to attend Mass and put my heart and soul into it. And it happened!!! I never expected this powerful force of love and truth to enter me. I had just got through praying with the Rosary when I decided to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I had heard the song on EWTN earlier that day and thought it was pretty. Later realizing it was a prayer, I thought I might pray it to change things up. Well, what it did, was change me! After I recited the Chaplet I felt, what I believe was the Holy Spirit, fill my heart and soul. It was an amazing experience that i had never, ever, felt in all these years. Since then, I have changed my whole outlook on life, realized alot of my failures, asked God for his forgivenss, decided to be re-married before God in the Church, and been blessed with a desire to really learn my Faith and become closure to God. I looked forward to Mass and honoring my Savior. Times of prayer during Adoration have been intense and life changing. I can’t thank God enough for what He has done for me and place all my trust in Him. THANKYOU LORD JESUS

Amazing how Christ works in us when we see what we need to be doing and realize how important the Church is. I have been praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on my phone with an app. I did see on YouTube some videos for it but haven’t had the chance to watch. I will have to make sure I do that. When praying the Chaplet, the amount of peace I have really amazing. Thank you Lord Jesus indeed!!!

And I would add that you may simply sit there and let our Lord gaze lovingly on you.

That sounds so wonderful.

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