First Mass???


When was the first mass? Not the last supper with Jesus. I mean after the resurrection. Was it in the upper room with Peter and the Apostles as described in Acts?


read carefully the account of the encounter on the road to Emmaus on Easter Sunday.


Ok, I will. Thanks




The first “Mass” was indeed the “Last Supper”.



Yes, and the “second” Mass, not counting the sacrifice of Calvary itself, occured with the Emmaus disciples. When they “recognized him in the breaking of the bread,” this was an indication of how his followers will continue to recognize him after the ascension.


Hmm … then Emmaus remains first as a Parish Mass :smiley:


And without the benefit of the GIRM!


I’d say it was at the inn on the road to Emmaus.


I think I gave out the Scripture Reference it’s in Luke Chapter 24 verse 1-35.

How do we know it is a Mass, for one it takes place during the first day of the week, second, Jesus interpreted to them all Scripture similiar to our First Reading, Second Reading, and Gospel Reading, then we see Jesus break bread. He took the bread and blessed it, and give it to them. We Catholics break bread during communion, and the priest in bless the bread. The elements of the Mass in in the this passage the Road to Emmaus.


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