First medal of the pontificate of Pope Francis

First medal of the pontificate of Pope Francis

On Tuesday 8 October the official medal of the first year of Pope Francis’ pontificate will be made available for sale. It was coined by the Polygraphic Institute and the Italian State Mint in gold, silver and bronze, with a diameter of forty-four millimetres, and the image it depicts is the work of the artist Mariangela Crisciotti.

The obverse depicts the Pope and, on the right hand side, the signature of the artist. Around the image there is the phrase “FRANCISCUS PONT. MAX. AN. I”. The rim of the reverse side bears the phrase which profoundly affected the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio when, at the age of seventeen, he received his call from God: “VIDIT ERGO JESUS PUBLICANUM ET QUIA MISERANDO ANTQUE ELIGENDO VIDIT, AIT ILLI SEQUERE ME”.

Around the edge there is the phrase “E CIVITATE VATICANA” and the number of the medal.

Each exemplar shall be accompanied by a guarantee certificate stamped by the Secretariat of State and the Italian State Mint.

Four hundred triptychs will be coined, along with two hundred exemplars in gold, three thousand in silver and three thousand in bronze, all of which will be numbered


An official medal to commemorate the first year of Pope Francis’s reign has gone on sale with a spelling mistake in Jesus’s name.

The medal, commissioned by the Vatican, spells the son of God’s name ‘Lesus’

The Vatican have recalled the medallions from sale after the spelling error was pointed out.
The official press office said that only four had been sold, which they claimed will probably be of value in the future because of their rarity.

You’ve got to be loking…

Where & How can this medal be purchased? Are they very expensive? Will they be available in the U.S. or only from some office at the Vatican. I’m a Senior Citizen on Social Security, but I would certainly like to obtain one – even just in bronze!

Information, Please!!!:slight_smile:

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The coin has been recalled to the Italian State Mint for a further err quality control check. (due to the error noted on post #2)

The Vatican noted, the medals will be on sale at the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA) in Vatican City, and at the Vatican Publishing House at St. Peter’s Square, Pius XII Square, and Via di Propaganda, 4.

Not sure on the exact price.

An online vendor to buy these type of commemorative Vatican coins may be Euro Collections International

For a historic look — > Vatican Coin Catalogue.

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