First Muslim elected to U.S. Congress!


WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 - Keith Ellison, a convert to Islam and Democrat from Minneapolis, on Tuesday (Nov. 7) became the first Muslim to be elected to Congress.

Ellison, 43, beat two other candidates to take Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Ellison received 56 percent of the vote.

“We received a lot of Muslim support because I think it’s natural for people to want to see themselves reflected in the government of our society,” Ellison said Wednesday. “My election offers them the ability to be much more involved in the government of our society and I think that’s a good thing.”

U.S. Muslim groups cheered Ellison’s historic election and said they hope it means their voices will be heard in the halls of power.

“(This is) certainly a historic event, and it speaks to the better part of America,” said Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Muslim American Society, which sought to mobilize U.S. Muslims to vote in the midterm elections.

**The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., who campaigned for Ellison, said Ellison’s principles appeal to people of all faiths and “that’s why he won and why he deserved to win.” **

“**Keith’s religion informs his values, (but) America’s interest informs his vote,” Jackson said. **

All I can say is, may God have mercy on us all! This is part of their infiltration.

Wake up, America!


haha, what “infiltration”? Keith became Muslim during a time when racism was rampant in the Christian community, and “muslims” like Louis Farrakhan offered an alternative that didn’t involve that.

This is the same kind of trash that people said about JFK when he was running for president. “LOOK! It’s a PAPIST TRICK TO TAKE OVER AMERICA!” and so on.

If you are seriously arguing that this person should not have been elected because of his religious beliefs, then you are just like them.


I don’t know that this victory represents any kind of “infiltration”, but I do think it is terribly sad when people feel they need to resort to Islam to find positive values.

Please tell me, exactly which “positive values” (truly positive) are incompatible with a belief in Jesus Christ as Son of the Living God?

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C’mon brother! Let us kick out those carpet-baggers the glorious Confederacy! Damn non-whites how DARE they think they can vote or have an opinion


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Islam is incompatible with our way of life! Wait till more of them get elected and they start wanting sharia law declared in this country! Islam is an imperialistic cult that has never progressed beyond the 7th century

Do you want a country where people’s hands are cut off because of stealing?

Where people who commit adultery are stoned to death?

Where people are whipped for having an alcoholic drink?

Where women are forced to dress in “Islamic style”?

Where only Islamic music is allowed and TV is forbidden?

Keep hiding your heads in the sand!

Vickie :stuck_out_tongue:


You live in a democracy. Most Western Muslims dont believe in Shariah not to mention the majority is non-muslim. Besides what happened with seperation of church and state or have we forgetten that?

Your same silly arguement could be stated agaisnt having women in congress as they may try to force feminism onto others.


we are relatively “safe” until an activist judge declares this country to be founded equally on Islam and its influence of faith… probably about two months into the new year.


Muslims are Muslims first and citizens second. All Muslims want Sharia since they believe it’s from God and, they’re allowed to be peaceful as long as they’re a minority, but as soon as they achieve a majority then they clamor for sharia.

Their false prophet was peaceful as long as he was weak, but things changed drastically after he became strong!



Not even Hitler seized power through force. He used the existing machinery of democracy to get legally elected, and then set about dismantling that very same democracy he used to gain power to begin with.


I think the last few days show that America finally did.


You are comparing a muslim congressman to Hitler. You should write him personally and apologize for this thread.


This should make everyone feel better:

Number of Jewish senators rises from 11 t o13 and number of Jewish representatives jumps to 30 thanks to six new faces creating all-time high of Jewish politicians in Congress.


Are you Catholic first and citizen second?

Not all Moslems want Sharia. Ellison doesn’t exactly sound like he does. He’s pro-choice and supports a single payer system of healthcare. He was endorsed by a couple of Jewish newspapers because he truly does want a two state solution and is concerned for Israel’s security. Heck he’s been very vociferous in his distrust of Hamas.

He was also reared Catholic and has good things to say about all faith traditions.


Have you ever heard of “taqqiya”?:rolleyes:


If he is an example of American Islam (defanged and liberal) then I have no issue with it. I find it amazing that he is pro choice as an Islamic person. How do people in Islam justify being pro abortion? I wonder what hard core lsamist say about him.



Did any of you “defenders of Islam” check out the thread I posted, “Teaching Johnny about Islam” where schools in California are openly promoting Islam, while continuing to denigrate Judeo-Christian values? :rolleyes:



Islam is probably one of the more liberal religions when it comes to freedom of choice. If I am not mistaken, the fetus isn’t granted any status during its first 40 days. Which is why Saudi Arabai has no problem with stem cell research. Anyone practicing Islam that can back this up or shoot it down?


Muslim or not, I don’t care. I won’t even care if he decides to become a devout Catholic(though I think this is improbable). This man is pro-choice. It means he endorses killing the innocent. I would have chosen a hundred pro-life muslims over this guy.


Do you want a country where people’s hands are cut off because of stealing?

Yes! Crime rate just might decline since most crime is theft related.

Where people who commit adultery are stoned to death?

Yes! People just might weigh infidelity more seriously if a threat of death was imminent. It would also cut down on a number of abortions as a side effect.

Where people are whipped for having an alcoholic drink?


Where women are forced to dress in “Islamic style”?

Yes! It just might reduce the tempation of rape and the temptation of adultery.

Where only Islamic music is allowed and TV is forbidden?


Some aspects of Islam are not bad…

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