First night of RCIA...

was Wednesday night and it was great! Lots of people were there, the monsingor and priests are running it along with lay members. God fearing and loyal to Scripture and Tradition were my first impressions! Also, thanks to so many of you who post on this board. Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated and they help so much as I begin my journey.

That’s great! I’m glad you had such a positive experience.

When I went to my first RCIA meeting I was literally shaking with fear (due to fears implanted in my mind by my former Pentecostal sect). Anyway, the priest in charge put all our minds at ease right away by saying two things: First that our going through RCIA did not mean that we had to become Catholic–the process was meant to be a time of discernment not coercion. And secondly, that we didn’t have to disavow our faith experience up until then. Rather we were to think of it as God leading us then and leading us now to where he wanted us to be.

Was I glad to hear both those things! I had been manipulated and abused mentally, emotionally and spiritually by my former sect and to hear that I was free to decide for myself what my next steps should be and that the good things God had done for me in the past were valid cleared the air for me. I continually thank God for such a discerning priest and for the way the Church introduces its teachings to separated Christians. It made all the difference in my decision to be reconciled with the Catholic Church.

I will think of you and pray for you as you go through RCIA. Please do keep us up to date on your process (what you want to share with us, that is), and God bless you as you discern what God wants for you.

Thanks for sharing! It brings a sincere smile to my face to read your post. A person who is excited and on fire for God can’t help but to keep the fire burning in others! Keep Sharing!

Your sister in Christ,

Thanks so much for the kind words! Here is the outline of our program, it will take multiple posts

Part I – Profession of Faith

  1.        September 8            Informal Gathering and Program Overview
  2.        September 15   Our Search for God
  3.        September 22            Revelation (Faith): A Savior Promised  
  4.        September 29            Transmission of Revelation: Tradition and Scripture
  5.     October 6          Scared Scripture: Canons of the Bible
  6.     October 13         Bible: Inspiration and Interpretation
  7.     October 20         Sacred Scripture: Worship and Life of the Church
  8.     October 27         The Creed
  9.        November 3     Jesus Christ: God and Man
  10.        November 10   One, Holy Catholic, Apostolic Church
  11.        November 17   Church Structure and Authority
  12.        November 24   No Class: Thanksgiving
  13.         December 1     Mary and the Communion of Saints
  14.        December 8     No Class: Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  15.        December 15   Life Everlasting: Death, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
  16.        December 22   No Class: Holiday Break
  17.         December 29   No Class: Holiday Break

Part II – Celebrating the Christian Mystery

  1.    January 5          Liturgy & The Liturgical Year: Persons, Places, and Practices
  2.    January 12            Sacraments and Sacramentals
  3.    January 19         Baptism and Confirmation
  4.    January 26            Eucharist: Sacrifice & Structure
  5.        February 2            Eucharist: Body and Blood of Christ
  6.        February 9        No Class: Ash Wednesday
  7.        February 16      Turning from God: Sin
  8.        February 23            Sacrament of Reconciliation
  9.    March 2            Anointing of the Sick and Holy Orders
  10.    March 9            Sacrament of Marriage and Annulments

Part III – Christian Prayer

  1.    March 16         Prayer and Prayer Forms
  2.    **Holy Week**  March 20         Palm Sunday
                                March 21         Parish Penance Service
                                March 23            Practice for Easter Vigil
                                March 24         Holy Thursday Service
                                March 25         Good Friday Service
                                March 26         Holy Saturday Easter Vigil
                                March 27            EASTER SUNDAY

Celebration of Full Communion with the Catholic Church – Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist

Part IV – Life In Christ

  1.    April 6              The Ten Commandments
  2.    April 13            Conscience and Morality
  3.    April 20            Pot Luck Supper and Presentations

Hi, Mark,

The only bad thing about RCIA is when it’s over :slight_smile: . I’m joking of course, but I really do miss the fellowship. In addition to the learning and spiritual growth I experienced, it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the priests, as well as so many other people in the parish.

Peace be with you,
Tricia Frances

Happy to hear that your first RCIA went so well. What awesome stuff you’ll be learning! My first class is tomorrow AM, I hope my class is as good as yours. :slight_smile: God Bless, CM <><

if RCIA “works” right, you should not “miss the fellowship”, because part of the process happens outside class, it is becoming integrated into the life and mission of your parish. In my former parish in Ohio, they were a little thin on doctrine, great on the gospel, but totally outstanding in involvement. Our RCIA “grads” consistently became involved parishioners and in many cases leaders. One is still running the Appalachia outreach 10 years later, one leads the volunteer coordination project, some still in small faith sharing groups, parish council, catechists, and many other ministries, including those for Catholic Charities & community.

That parish has a strong adult education ministry, in part (in my opinion) because RCIA grads are hungry for more truth and doctrine, and see that they get it.

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