First openly gay Eagle Scout


I am an Eagle Scout myself, and I wanted to know your thoughts about this. I was let down last May when the BSA voted to allow openly gays in scouts, and have not supported the BSA since then, and I am no longer a member. I have no problem with allowing boys with SSA in the program, but the fact that they can acknowledge their homosexuality openly within the organization, is somewhat disturbing. I wonder what he will think when the day he turns 18, they will tell him he can no longer be a member.


Good for him.

I am a Catholic and I live my life according to the faith. I assume this young man is not. I do not seek the morality of the Church to be reflected completely in a secular society- where homosexuality is value-neutral.

So in that spirit- cheers for this young man and his accomplishment,


No belt? My guess is he isn’t that active in the program anymore.


It’s not about them being able to tell everyone in the troop, it’s about them not getting kicked out if the leaders somehow find out.


I think we need to pay careful attention to the wording of the new poicy and not give up ground that has not yet been surrendered.

The new policy does not state that it allows “openly gay” scouts (if that term is being used synonymously with “practicing the gay lifestyle”). It simply states that scouts cannot be excluded based on sexual orientation alone. Such a policy is no different than the policy of every Catholic school and every Catholic parish in the country.

Since the Boy Scouts have affirmed that sexual activity is contrary to the virtue of scouting, then there shouldn’t be any sexual activity among any of the scouts – whether of heterosexual orientation or homosexual orientation.

The article does say that he plans on applying to be an adult leader once he turns 18 in order to “push the issue”. That’s unfortunate, but not surprising.


A sane and edifying post. And know you fellow Catholics who uphold church teaching on the depravity of SS acts, that push the envelope he/they will. There is an aggressive movement in place which will not rest until society in general turns the other way and accepts as normal that which has been defined by God as evil. The Catholic Church of course, is the main obstacle to their goal.


I don’t quite understand what they mean by “openly gay”. Does that mean that if asked, they will acknowledge they are homosexual and not hide it?
(What did gay scouts do before? If someone asked them whom they were dating, would they pretend and say they were dating a girl?)

Do the heterosexual Eagle Scouts sometimes talk about girls and/or are they open about their sexual orientation, not hiding it?

Why would the fact that they can acknowledge it it be so disturbing to you?
It’s said over and over here that being gay is not considered a “sin” by the Church.

And the pope himself said:
“…who am I to judge? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well. It says they should not be marginalized because of this (orientation) but that they must be integrated into society.”

What is happening here in the Eagle Scouts is just that, integration.
Are you not in agreement with the pope?



A good point. If the Boy Scouts have affirmed that sexual activity is contrary to the virtue of scouting, then there shouldn’t be any sexual activity among the scouts. So what is the point of proclaiming oneself as gay?



This answers my question, above. Thanks.
So it’s not as though the scouts have “openly sexual” anybody. It’s just that these boys will not be discriminated against and not let in based on their sexual orientation.
This is good to hear.



In this specific instance, it’s to show that a young man who is homosexual will not be banned from being a scout on that basis–simple as that. Symbolic.
To show that the Scouts are making moves to ensure no discrimination in this area.

I’m sure there will some gay boys–and have been for decades and decades–who will see no reason or need to discuss the topic at all…just as many heterosexual Eagle Scouts don’t discuss theirs.

But if it is indeed brought up in conversation, I assume these boys won’t feel as afraid about it…won’t have to pretend about themselves.



My biggest reaction as a Scouter is “why isn’t he wearing a belt?” My guess is because he is so inactive that he doesn’t have a Scout uniform belt that will fit him anymore. He was one of those on the political side of all this and is making a big deal that he now is getting his Eagle.

Anyway, in our area, this has been pretty much a non-issue. Troops are more interested in where they will be camping and how to put on events.

For those who need more detail on the policy, the BSA has resources here:


I’m sure you don’t mind if the Lutheran Church Missouri Synods adds our small numbers to your larger numbers, to make that obstacle somewhat larger. :wink:




Is he a hero now, like Sam the football player? How courageous is it to come out when you know that the overwhelming majoirty of media reports will sanctify you. There’s an incredile disparity in volume of reports regarding heroic coming-out stories and other news.


His accomplishment is his earning of the Eagle Scout badge. This would be an accomplishment for any youth.




Well here is that “eagle scout’s” plans in his own words according to the article.

"“On my 18th birthday, I’m planning on applying to be an adult leader for the Boy Scouts so that we push the issue,” he said.

Read more:"


It is indeed. As a fellow Eagle Scout, I would applaud the young man for his achievement. I do not have an issue with the new policy, no boy should be kicked out of scouts if they haven’t done anything wrong. Now, if they start acting inappropriately towards other scouts or adult leaders, then yeah, they need to go; but that is true of any scout, homosexual or otherwise. There were a couple of kids in my troop who were gay, they never tried anything, so it was basically a non-issue, as it should be in an organization like that.

I do not, whoever, agree with his decision to become an adult leader and “push the issue.” It shouldn’t be an issue, and shouldn’t ever come up in the course of scouting. It should remain, as it has been since the creation of the Boy Scouts, something that just doesn’t come up.

…If the BSA ever started openly promoting homosexuality, I would revoke my support immediately.


Well, how is this different than the teenagers who protest with signs and chants at anti-abortion or anti-same-sex-marriage rallies?
Those teens are also “pushing an issue”–and much more aggressively so than a kid filling out a piece of paper to apply to be a Boy Scout leader.

It’s good for teens to stand up and make a point for what they believe in. But seems some here mock him and don’t want this teen to stand up for what he believes in mainly because he has different beliefs than they do.

What was that great line by Orwell in Animal Farm?:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”



How should we react when he tells us that at the very least he is suffering from a grave disorder that could lead(or already has led) to him engaging in a behavior that is physically, emotionally and morally destructive?


[FONT=Arial]It is assumed by party members he is to be honored with a FLOUSSA Moochelle Obama shout out on twitter and an exalted seat at next year’s party congress…. Er… State of the Union address by dear leader because nothing in the world is more important to the security of USSA than demonstrating the superior equity of oppressed homosexual peoples especially of the BLT variety. The revolution progresses FORWARD. [/FONT]

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