First Penance last night


I am in RCIA. Last night our class all did their first penance. My almost nine-year old granddaughter, who made her first Communion March 26, told me she was afraid the first time, but the second time she liked it. She told me not to be nervous! I had written everything down and the priest was very patient with me. I basically took a deep breath and went right through my list. Of course, I cried a lot, but I kept going. When I was done, before I walked out the priest said, “Don’t let them see you crying. They’ll think I was mean!” He was joking, of course. I did my penance and when I got home, I felt lighter. Actually, physically lighter! It was the most amazing experience ever. I can only imagine what Saturday night will be when I am confirmed and receive the body of Christ!
Just wanted to share my experience, especially for those who haven’t had their first reconciliation yet. Thanks be to God for the sacraments he has given us!!:slight_smile:


:thumbsup: How wonderful! Be sure to bring plenty of tissues to the Easter Vigil too :smiley:


:):thumbsup: Congratulations and welcome!


I had a similar experience. When I shared it here someone said it was experiencing the divine mercy. I still feel lighter and it’s been almost 3 weeks !

I told everyone for me all the apologetics in the world were nothing compared to truly feeling God in that sacrament.

God Bless you !


I felt the same way last year. Congrats!!


Welcome home & congratulations. I’ll be praying for you at the Eastsr Vigil.


Last night was amazing! It was the fastest 3 hours I’ve ever experienced. I felt excited but at the same time, very peaceful. I did have some tears, but mostly I was trying to take everything in. I wish I could replay it! I had a few tears today, thinking about what I experienced. I have a feeling that what has happened is so profound that it may take a while to sink in. The “space” I was feeling after confession feels like it may have been filled. I know that sounds strange, but I think I now have room in my soul for the things of God. I look forward to whatever God has in store for me. My granddaughter and I have been able to share this walk, since her First Communion was March 26. I pray that between the two of us, my daughter and my husband will have conversions. Protestants don’t know what they are missing!! Thank you for your prayers!


I am so happy for you, belange.

May God Bless you and your grand-daughter.

Welcome to the church, both of you. :slight_smile:

I have also cried during and after confession, too. It is a very freeing experience.


Congratulations!! I had a similar experience yesterday. It was wonderful but is all still sinking in. I went to mass again today , and in the rest fullness outside the spotlight it seemed to really hit me.

I hope your fervor continues.

My family came too, all Protestants. They were really impressed with the beauty and the reverence. Then tgey went to their mega church service today in a high school football stadium, and opened with songs from frozen and launching t shirts into the audience with those guns used at baseball games.

My mom and sister was so embarrassed and ashamed…they said they’d be going to Easter at my church next year! Hopefully the wheels are turning for them!


Confession is an amazing experience! Pouring out my soul and receiving God’s love and forgiveness. Just incredible. So happy you got to experience it! :smiley:
I’m also very happy you got to receive your first Holy Communion and Confirmation. Awesome! :slight_smile:

Yay! :slight_smile: Last night was so beautiful, I even got to go to confession. So much joy today. Joy! Joy! Joy!’

BTW, I’m a lifelong Catholic. Very happy and humble to be one. :smiley:


Penance is a beautiful experience.

When I did mine, I still felt empty afterwards. I think it’s because after I gave my first confession and the priest started offering spiritual advice and then my penance, I thought of a few other things to confess. I went into the sanctuary afterwards to pray for awhile and the next day after Stations of the Cross I made my final three clarifications of sins in the sacrament. I know you’re still forgiven for sins you didn’t deliberately withhold, but I wanted to leave it all behind before Easter. Three days later I had the Easter Vigil to enter the Church. I feel wonderful today, as though I have been cleaned and renewed from the inside out. I hope & pray that you cherish your new graces as much as I have & more. We are now living tabernacles! Praise God!


Congrats to all!

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