First RCIA class tonight.

I attended the first RCIA class for 2012/13 and it was great :slight_smile: anyone else attending this year?

May God bless and guide you and all others who undertake RCIA in the coming seasons

I am the lay director of RCIA for our parish, and we started tonight also.

We have 13 right now, but expect more.

Wee will keep you all in our prayers.

Last info session tonight and then ours start on Sept 19th:thumbsup:

Me, my husband, and my twin boys are attending!!! My daughter starts classes next week! There will be 10 so far in our group. I’m so excited because my family is protestant but I’m a cradle catholic…so Yippie…I thought this day would never come.

Question for RCIA Instructors/Leads:

In your Parish’s RCIA program, do you cover Catholic moral teachings on contraception, abortion, divorce/remarriage, etc?

If yes, at what point in the process would you cover it? I explored these topics in depth prior to deciding to inquire but I could understand a decision to cover the basics first before getting to some of the more contraversial teachings of the Church. These do seem to be major barriers to conversion in discussions with my Protestant friends.

Mine starts on the 30th cant wait. Congrats on starting yours.

Went through it last year. Had a blast. Enjoy the Easter Vigil! Best Mass you’ll ever attend!

Do you have a copy of Catholicism for Dummies? Quick! Run out and get a copy if your parish does not use them in RCIA. Seriously.


Ours started two Sundays ago. My little girl’s class starts in just over a week!! Pray my annulments go through this year!!! :eek:

My future son-in-law will be in RCIA starting next Wednesday night. He’ll be accompanied by my daughter, wife and friend, while I’ll be in another building teaching 6th-grade catechism. I’m expecting some great dinner-table discussions this year.

We cover divorce when we talk about marriage. Contraception and abortion come up when we talk about life issues. Though all of these issues come up along the way if people have questions. It’s fairly common for them to bring up things they’ve read or heard and ask if that’s really what the Church says on the issue.

I started RCIA August 13th. I have had 3 classes thus far.
I didnt think August would ever get here I was so anxious!
I agree with the other poster, get yourself a copy of Catholicism for Dummies!
You can really learn a lot using it :slight_smile:
There is a forum here on CAF for us converting " RCIA Class of 2012 2013"
Best of luck to you all and God Bless

I start one week from today, woot! :extrahappy: I’m really looking forward to this year.

Me! I started on August 20th and my 13 year old daughter started her Faith Formation class on August 21. I missed this weeks class because I have sick kids and a sick husband. But I look forward to the next one. My daughter is liking her class so far. Very excited!


RCIA Class of 2012 2013 folder…I don’t find it. Can anyone provide a link?

I am not sure how to post a link for it but you can go to my page and click the link there.

Thanks, didn’t realize it was a group.

I start my RCIA class on 6th Sept! Really looking forward to it! :smiley:

Yes, we have one class specifically devoted to this. It is usually later in our year, normally during Lent.

Of course, marriage/divorce comes up during the Sacraments session, and some things are touched on briefly throughout the year, but the main session really opens the flood gates (so to speak). The class usually runs over, and draws our everyday parishoners as well.

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