First reception of the sacrament


The second graders received their First Holy Communion on Sunday, May 4th.

When do the first communicants receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at your church?


Right after the priest’s Communion, shortly after the Agnus Dei.


The second graders in our parish received their First Holy Communion yesterday.





Sorry about that. I just couldn’t help it. Sometimes I get an opening…


We have 10 masses at which the children of our parish receive FHC. We had three masses last weekend, three this weekend, three next Saturday and one on the sunday after Mothers Day. We have close to 300 kids receiving.


Wow!!! :thumbsup: May I ask your vague geographical location?


Wow! How big is your parish? How many kids do you have in your religios education program?

We had baptisms of two babies this morning. Both of the new Christians were Chrismated (Confirmed) and received Holy Communion at the same Divine Liturgy.

I’m going to the First Communion of a young friend next week, on a Saturday morning.


Good one Fr!

We had First Communion today. Three little girls. (Small parish) I wondered about why no little boys…then I remembered:

Sister Mary Francis was teaching a second grade class about angels. She had the children draw pictures of what they thought angels looked like. Observing one little girl’s work, Sister asked what she had drawn. The little girl pointed out kitten angels, puppy angels and girl angels. Sister asked; “Why no boy angels?” The little girl replied: " Oh Sister, boys can’t possibly be angels."



I am sure there are many this month, but I know of two in June in my diocese. It will be Confirmation/First Holy Communion. One will take place on June 15, Trinity Sunday.
June 29, Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, will be the annual Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form, followed by the EF Mass at which the children will make their first holy communion.
Whether it is our EF celebration, or one of the many more in the OF, the Confirmation/First Holy Communion is special this year as Catholics in our diocese get our first visit from our recently installed -well in February- bishop.


We had two communions this past Saturday, one in the morning & another in the afternoon. Including school, CCD & special needs children.


My daughter’s Sunday school class and the parish school kids did theirs last weekend. My daughter decided she would wait until her dad gets back from training in a few weeks. Our pastor said she can do hers the weekend after dad gets home, so she will be the only one making her First Communion at the end of tis month. She went last weekend to take the group pictures with her friends in her gown and veil, but she opted to hold off receiving.




Last Saturday. 3 masses. Maybe 100 kids.


That is very sweet.


We have over 5,000 families in the parish and over 1600 kids in religious ed grades 1-8. Plus we have about 600 kids in the parish school.


Our parish is probably a similar size to yours (not totally sure because we count individuals, not families). This year, we’ll have about that many First Communicants as well. :thumbsup:

FHC has been going on in my parish since late March and will continue until late June. In total there are 25 Masses at which children have received or will receive FHC. The next five of these Masses will take place this weekend.

Well, someone had to say it :smiley:


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