First Saturday after death?

There is a Catholic teaching that has something to do with the brown scapular ( I think ) that says Mary will release a soul from purgatory the first Saturday after their death…

Really ? So if one were to die on 11:59 on a Friday they would only experience 60 seconds of purgatory ?
Please tell me why this is not superstitious nonsense…

I love being catholic… The sacraments, the Eucharist, the history, the beauty. But stuff like this makes me cringe.
It’s like the medieval church may have approved a medieval supersticious belief, and is now stuck with it.

Superstitious nonsense? Nah

Pious belief? Could be

Dogmatic certainty? Nope

Time does not exist in the hereafter so placing “time” on our purgatory stay is just trying to give some point of reference. A belief in a reduced stay in purgatory through some act here on earth, is likewise just giving something to reference…

Pious acts that are believed to reduce purgatory “time” are basically things that will help one grow in holiness and so - more perfected - and ready to enter heaven.


It is not a Catholic teaching. It is attached to a private revaluation to St. Simon Stock (in 1251) which no one in the Church is required to believe. I would say it is a pious devotional belief, but not a teaching.

As has been said, this is not a Catholic doctrine, but an element of a private revelation which makes this promise to those who wear the scapular devoutly (ie not presumptuously, superstitiously, etc.).

I don’t see how this is any different than a plenary indulgence, so if true, it would be like God granting such a remission of temporal punishment, which He surely can (if a bishop can, God can).

What we are talking about is the Sabbattine Privilege based on a apocryphal Papal Bull by Pope John XXII. It is a pious belief so you are free to believe or disbelieve in it. Certain other works have been required in addition to wearing the Brown Scapular such as chastity according to one’s state of life, reciting the Little Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and abstinence from meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays of the year. Cf. Sabbatine Privilege

Purgatory is in Colorado, so subtract one hour for the time zone change. :):slight_smile:


Okay, well that makes me feel better ;). Thanks all…

I’m a recent convert, and while I knew the answer to this question before, I guess I had forgotten it!

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