First Saturday devotion question


I have a question about our Church’s ‘First Saturday’ devotion to ‘Our Mother’. For attendance to a ‘First Saturday’ Mass to count as part of this devotion, does it need to be Saturday’s Liturgy?

I am guessing so, and a Sunday Vigil Mass at 4:30 pm would not count. Am I correct?

I am on the way to a First Friday Mass, and will read comments when I return. Thanks…


I don’t have a source available, but recall reading on some Q&A source that any mass on Saturday qualifies. I don’t think it was official, but regarded it as reliable.


There’s no specification anywhere that it can’t be a Vigil Mass - the exact wording of the obligation, per , similarly to the nine First Fridays, is simply that one should receive Communion on the First Saturdays. That implies that one could even receive it outside of Mass, for example at a Communion Service or a sick person’s bedside.


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