First Saturday question..

Just wondering, would going to a Saturday night vigil night cut it as a the first Saturday mass requirement since that it has the exact same homily and everything else on Sunday?

There are first saturday masses especially at 8 oclock in the morning but I have frequent trouble making it at that time


I once asked a priest if the midday Saturday Mass - Vigil for Sunday - would count as a Saturday Mass if I went to Mass on Sunday too. He said that he “thought that it would” . As he was uncertain, I made other arrangements and went to an early Mass on Saturday. To be honest, I wouldn’t have even asked whether a Saturday evening vigil Mass would count, I would have assumed that it wouldn’t.
With the great gifts promised for this devotion, I hope that you manage to do it somehow.

I want to know the “correct” answer too. My old unit meets that morning for coffee and I’d love to go but I’ve been doing the 1st fri and sat devotions for awhile now and I love that a little more.

After mass for our 1st sat devotion we say the Rosary and a special prayer at the end to the BVM for mostly the same things in the respect life prayer, but it’s a little different.

I was kind of thinking if I went to vigil mass, said rosary and prayer I’d be good to go. But the Church has stick rules because when you make this devotion with 50 of the faithful in public it is way more powerful that’s why the sacrifice demand in time/date. In other words ‘be there or be square’. But I would love to be wrong about that.:gopray:

Truthfully I couldn’t even explain those devotions with absolute certainty but I know from my mother that they are a powerful weapon in the spiritual warfare that exists around us. So that was good enough for me.

I made my very first “First Saturday Devotion” Today

I know that is useless information - Just showing off:extrahappy:

On a more helpful note…

Remember that you can attend any Catholic Church :highprayer:

Shop around, find out when the Saturday Masses are said in all the nearby parishes there may well be one which fits your needs:):slight_smile:

^That’s great. 8 more to go.:wink:

No, only four more to go. You are thinking of the ‘First Fridays’.

Yes, it does! I remember someone once asking this in the Ask and Apologist section once,and Fr. Serpa answered that it DOES count.:slight_smile:

Well… thats kind of too late for me. The past two First Saturday masses for me have been Sunday vigils. I just hope it wasnt a waste of effort.

I did go to confession, but forgot to confess I ate chicken last night on a Friday
I did say a complete glorious rosary
Did do 15 minutes of meditation
Did go with the intention of making reperation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Really?? Thanks.
Do you happen to have a link for this?

Perfect… thank you mommyof4 :slight_smile:

Well that is good to know…thanks for the link.

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