First Saturday


Today is First Friday, and tomorrow will be First Saturday – Just a reminder. July 4 falls on the First Saturday is good; we can ask Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for America.


Good post, and thank you.

Aside from telling you the foregoing, I am also responding because I too have posted First Friday/ First Saturday reminders in the past, and while there have been several views, no one has said anything.

Kind of feels like fishing and not catching anything, so I thought I would come by and nibble on the line.


Cheers !


It’s good to have the reminders, you two, and since a person is able to see the first part of the thread by only letting their mouse hover over it - it is probable that there are many more “views” than shown.


Thanks for your responding. It surely makes me feel joyful to see your response; however, when I posted this, I was not thinking much about how many views or responses. I just hoped that eventually, even months later, someone happens to read this thread and wonder "What is “First Friday” and “First Saturday”? and this also meant for Non-Catholics. :slight_smile:




Yes, interesting point. Even reading the title can be reminder enough.


Yes, that is the purest of intentions…

Also, you probably know this, but there are graces attached to promoting the devotion as well…



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