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I don’t know if this has come up before, forgive me if it has, and if it is silly, but my question is, does it matter in which order one fulfills the conditions? For instance the missal I have seems to give a precise order, 1) Confession, 2) Holy Communion, 3)Recitation of Rosary and meditation. However I went to morning Mass, said Rosary, then went to confession in the PM. Does the order matter?

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I have been a Catholic for 50 years and I haven’t heard of a particular order per se. Under ordinary circumstances, one would go to Confession first, before Mass and taking of Communion, but if it is impossible to get to Confession before taking Communion, we are obliged to go to Confession as soon as possible afterward. As far as reciting the Rosary…I make it a daily practice in the evening as I go to bed, after examination of conscience and an Act of Contrition. I do daily Meditations in the morning with my coffee. I also read the Bible during this time. I Hope this helps.:thumbsup: God Bless You.

I just finished mine but the one problem i had was the second last one i did i had a wedding to go to and i do not go to many weddings and I thought that their was going to be holy communion there and there wasn’t at all. I was so annoyed and a little upset but i said to the holy mary that the sunday morning mass/communion the next day i offered it for reparation for the sins against the amaulate heart of mary. i hope that was ok but i am planning to do it again maybe in the near future.

also the last one i did. The rosary i was doing i felt that i had so much distractions. the phone was ringing and nobody was in the house they where outside so i had to get it then i went to tell mty mum that the phone call was for her. then i had to go from the room i was in to another room. then i moved rooms again. then my mum came to speak to me to tell me off for something during i was doing the rosary and to tell me people are comeing over. so much happened i think that it may not have been done good enough.

i might try it again in a couple of year time.


Thanks for the replies. I did sort of think going to confession first did make more sense, but as I said, confession is in the PM. So is the Sat. PM mass, but I didn’t think of that as I had gone to the Sat AM Mass. Again the Mass for Sunday obligation perhaps makes more sense. I’ll check after Mass this AM. Thanks for the thoughts though.

As far as distractions go??? LOL! Let the machine pick up. Thats what I do. In my case, it is most likely someone trying to get me to change my cable service. If it is possible to repeat it, I will have to make a dash at half time of the US England match to get confession. I have heard of people skipping a relations wedding, and only turning up later at the reception if Celtic are playing a match at the same time, Sooo…

Hey it’s not every day we play the sassenach in the WC! :rolleyes: " C’mon ye Yanks!"

But seriously, thanks again for the replies.

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