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Okay. Wow. That was unexpected. I’m looking forward to participating and learning more about Eastern Catholicism.


I thank you for making a change in the Forum. I have read and observed the discussions made in Eastern Christianity. To my dismay, I have seen our Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters resort to fights rather than dialogue and bring into the light the possible union between East and West Christendom.

I hope this thread will bear more fruit. My interest in Eastern Catholicism have increased.


Me too. I just bought a book about 101 question about Eastern Catholicism. It has not arrived yet.


Since I am an Eastern Orthodox and Catholic as well I will look forward to our conversations.


W-w-what happened??? Where did everyone go?


Archived. Change of purpose and direction.


Oh Please, lets just leave it that both sides are guilty of this un Christian attitudes of fights. There is no black and white here when it comes to who is and who are not dialoguing properly.


Merged in duplicate thread. Please keep discussion of the new forum to this thread. Thanks!


Oh, was this an earlier topic that was dropped? No matter. This is an issue that has arisen hundreds of times since the split of the early Church into the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

It’s an issue for me, since my family is mostly RC with quite a sizeable contingent of Orthodox. (Jews, too, but that’s a topic for another column.) When I married a man whose father’s family was entirely Serbian Orthodox, my family had no issue since the marriage occurred in the family’s RC church. They claimed to “understand and respect” the “other religion.” But when my sister decided to forsake RCism for her husband’s Serbian Orthodoxy, marry and baptize her children in that church, my parents freaked out thinking that she and her kids would henceforth be worshipping trees.

StMarkEofE - I look forward in particular to picking your enlightened brain. So, let’s go the whole gamut, and thrash it out. We can’t do any worse than the meetings of the church heads have done, right? When we’re all ready, let’s go full-on with issues such as the universality of Papal authority and (dare I say it?) “filioque.”


Ditto that!

A little warning (about the change) would have been nice, though.

Oh well, life is full of little surprises, eh :smiley: ?



Hi StMarkEofE,

I don’t understand that.

  1. Are all Eastern Orthodox considered to be Catholic? I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply to with that statement.

  2. To me, a Catholic is somebody who believes that the Pope has supreme authority over the church, and has infallibility. Wouldn’t that be a standard definition of a Catholic?


I think there are a lot more of enlightened brains on this forum than I, but I thank you for your confidence nonetheless.

Once everyone gets the news of this new Forum including a special priest I know, we will be up an running and feel free to ask all the question you want.’


Since this subject is quite sensitive I would be more than happy to PM you with my journey. If that is OK with you let me know.


Well, let me first say zang.

This, in my un-humble opinion is an excellent move that had to happen. Just looking at the many threads that went off on the same old codswallop was getting a wee bit nauseating. But with that said… what does this mean for our reverent moderator Joseph Monahan? Is he out of a job? Is he still here to keep the peace? Where has he gone anyways!? Inquiring minds want to know!


Joe is still on the moderator list but just not on this forum.


By the way, if we want to ask a question about Orthodox, where do we post the question? Here, or in the Non-Catholic Religions forum?


Since I too, as an Orthodox consider myself as an Eastern Catholic I look forward to continuing this dialogue. Unless of course this whole thing is intended to restrict those of us who are Orthodox Catholics from either defending our faith or presenting our viewpoint. If that is the case then please state it so it may be on record that you don’t consider we have the right to either defend our faith or give our viewpoints. Or can nly post here if we ‘tow the line’ you set forth.

Seems to me you are reacting more to the results of our posts rather than the posts themselves. But, that is just my opinion.



Only in the Roman Catholic church, and only since 1870AD.

Orthosdox have always been Catholics.



Unfortunately, we have discussed this when the forum was the ‘Eastern Christianity Forum’ which has been archives so one can no longer access it. But to answer, we as Orthodox are Catholic. We never left that One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church we recite in the Nicean Creed IN IT’S ORIGINAL FORM at every Liturgy.

You may not recieve this since under the new title and rules it can be erased by the moderaor.



At every Divine Liturgy we recite “…In one holy, catholic, and apostolic church…”

I also recite it daily as part of my prayer rule.

Can’t get more catholic than that :thumbsup: !


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