First time reading this Sunday

So, this coming Sunday is going to be my first time reading at Mass! :smiley:

I’m really excited but nervous at the same time. Any readers out there care to share their first time reading stories?

Yep…first time I read I sweat like a pig!!! I was dripping on the ambo and into the lectionary…it was quite a sight. :smiley:

It doesn’t bother me a bit now. That was about two years ago.

i just finished my second this Sunday passed

My pastor’s advice

take it slow

I did my first reading at my first communion I think. I practiced and practiced it, the actual reading went very well. As I stepped off the step stool provided for me, I murmured “Thanks be to God” with the rest of the congregation. However, I was still close enough to the Mic at the start of the phrase, so it sounded like after I finished I just said “Thanks” loudly and walked away.

Now I help to run the music for a campus mass, and have blundered about in front of people enough to be pretty used to it.

The text read chariots and charioteers, I said chariots and chariocheers.:blush: My sister still reminds me of that and it was 35 years ago.

I remember. Some 20 years ago, I read for the first time. I had more butterflies in my stomach than in Michoacan. I thought my heart might jump out the moment I opened my mouth.

Once I reached the ambo, however, all that went away. By grace, I was able to read that day. I worried the butterflies might come back but they never did while reading again (they did come back but that’s a different tale).

Today, I say a brief prayer to the Holy Spirit to speak through me when I read from the lectionary.

I’ve done it at funerals. If you can, see if you can go into the church and do a practice read while recording yourself. A lot of people, myself included, speak a lot faster than they realize (even when they’re not nervous). Listening to the recording is quite helpful.:slight_smile:

The first time I read I think was at my confirmation… the short bit from the Acts of the Apostles… I was really nervous but due to prayer & the kind encouragements of family that helped calm the nerves down a bit…

Spend some time in prayer & practice your reading throughout the week… then come Sunday spend some time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament before Mass begins
That has always helped me :slight_smile:

Your brother in Christ,

I started reading at some weekday Masses about two months ago… No exciting story to go with my first experience of reading, I’m afraid!

The first thing I would say is to Be Prepared! Know in advance what you are reading. It can be rather embarrassing to begin reading and then - especially in the Old Testament readings - come across a word or name which is strange and difficult to pronounce. Tripping over a word can happen to the best lector, but the congregation can tell when the lector is simply unprepared. There is a book, especially for lectors, which lists biblical words and their correct pronunciation - you can find it HERE (in fact, you can view most, if not all, of the book if you click on “Look Inside”).

Secondly, as others have said, take your time. Even if you think you are reading slowly, you are probably still reading faster than you think. This is especially important in a particularly resonant acoustic.

You will be fine…I’m sure any nervousness you have will quickly disappear. I feel that it’s a great joy to be able to give God’s Word to the people during Holy Mass.

I’m doing the Second Reading this Sunday. I went for practice earlier today and she told me what I’ll be doing. She said that starting out with the second is easier, because most of the hard biblical names come from the Old Testament.

I’ll just have to keep reading it throughout the week and try and feel confident enough that I won’t stumble over some words.

I have the first reading this Sunday. :wink: You’ll be fine, just be sure to read it OUT LOUD at least once.

Question: how do you speak in the microphone? Like, do you speak over it, into it, below it? I was told to speak over it, but I’m afraid the congregation won’t hear me, and then that will get a lot of “I can’t hear looks” directed at me.

fears realized? Firstly, you need to approach and read with confidence. Secondly, the mic does need to be generally pointed toward your mouth. Project your voice and it should pick you up well.

If you are up there and forget how something is pronounced. Say it with confidence as if you KNOW you are right in the pronunciation, but without making it stand out.
Only the people who really know how it’s pronounced will catch it, instead of the whole congregation knowing you don’t know it if you mess up or read it awkwardly.
Oh and make sure you don’t mess up “The word of the Lord.”

I read the past 4 Sundays; July 4 was the first Sunday I read for. That first passage, from Isaiah… yeah, it’s describing Jerusalem as a nursing mother. Not the most comfortable first reading for a guy to do. I felt myself turn red, and I really rushed it. I knew I was rushing and I couldn’t stop myself, and a couple people even commented afterwards that I went too fast.

The following 3 Sundays went really well and I was complimented on my voice and pacing. This past Sunday, the Genesis passage I really enjoyed reading - kind of some witty banter between God and Abraham. Love it!

The best thing would be if you could practice beforehand because some mics are different than others. Barring that, adjust the microphone up to about chin level and just speak naturally. Be prepared that your voice may sound different coming from a speaker (mine always seems to sound higher, maybe they’ve got the bass too low or the treble too high :shrug:).

Definitely read through the reading first.

Before I became a Lector at our parish, I went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. During our 10 day trip we had Mass every day at all the Holy sites that we visited. Every day volunteers were needed to read at Mass, most people did not want to read so I volunteered about 5 times. The most memorable was reading at Mass in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, at Golgotha. Talk about being a little nervous, we did not get a chance to see what we were to read ahead of time which made it a little more exciting :eek:. Pray for the Holy Spirit to assist you in proclaiming the Word of God at Mass, it makes a huge difference!

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