first time serving

Tonight will be my first time serving Holy Communion. I am both nervous and excited by this new role. One thing I worry about is: receiving Communion is very emotional for me. I’ve been in the church for a year and a half and I still tear up nearly every time I receive. What if I have tears rolling down my cheeks! ?
Second: I have some crazy allergies going on causing a runny/stuffy nose and cough. Pair that with the likelihood of being emotional…yikes!
Any last minute words of advice or encouragement?

I hate to say this but I think you should ask someone to fill in for you.

The people you are serving will not know that you have allergies. A runny/stuffy nose and a cough just screams “Cold.” I know I wouldn’t go to someone that was coughing or sniffling.

I, too, hate to say it, but this is exactly how I’d feel.

OP, you would also find it extremely awkward to be trying to distribute Holy Communion with a sniffle etc. There really is no time to find a tissue and sort yourself out between people.
I found this out the hard way when the flower ladies had put a vase of lilies right by my station and I started reacting to them with hay-fever. It was awful.


Agree, wait until you are better prepared to serve.

I know this post is a little old now, but just curious OP what happened and how you did (or did you find an alternate).

YBIC - John

After much consideration and prayer I decided to go ahead and serve. This was something that was very important to me. So I did not sing aloud since the more I use my voice the more horse I sound. I coughed only one time during Mass so that was good :slight_smile: in the end I was very glad I went ahead, it was an amazing experience!

I hope and pray that you do have allergies, and that it isn’t a cold.

And something to remember?

Serving isn’t about you.

I would not have served if I had some thing contagious for petes sakes. I have allergies thanks to the enormous amount of pollen.

Excuse me…is it wrong to find joy in serving God???

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows the difference.

And something to remember?

Serving isn’t about you.

Oh for crying out loud! She didn’t say the it was “about her.” She said that it was “very important” to her. You think there is something wrong with her remembering this as a meaningful experience?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Great. As I said, I hope and pray that you do simply have allergies. Because if not, you have passed your illness to everyone you served.

Excuse me…is it wrong to find joy in serving God???

Nothing wrong with finding joy. My comment was concerning your statement about it being so important to you.

I’m still confused as to why it being important to me would be an issue to even mention. Shouldnt serving the Church and God always be important to each of us?

Forget the naysayers and remember what God told Moses…

***You shall serve the LORD your God, and I will bless your bread and your water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of you. **(Exodus 23:25)/I]


We know it isn’t about us but some people just like to lecture. They have probably received from people with colds and priests with colds and don’t even know it. They have probably received from the hands of someone in a state of mortal sin and don’t even know it.

Forget them. Serve with joy and lay up your treasure in heaven.


Yes. Serving God should be important to you. That does not mean it’s all about you. It means it is important to you to serve GOD. You are doing OK.

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
I was so nervouse when I walked up! My hands got so clammy I worried I might drop the chalice. When father came to me with the Host he paused ever so slightly and gave me that look of his…it some how says, I didn’t expect to see you up here and I am so glad your jumping in so soon, all at the same time lol. Once I got to my position all the fear seemed to vanish. It was just an amazing experience :heart: humbling that I was lead to this role, that God trusted lil ol me. Ive been praying for some months that God use me in whatever way He sees fit…I pray this is only the beginning of service.

Yes, it would, wouldn’t it. Oh, right, you weren’t speaking to me. You were assuming that since I told someone that looked sick, to sit out this week, I was someone that never volunteered at my parish.

Of course the next 3 posters agreed with me. But heck, maybe I am wrong. Maybe if you are scheduled to serve, you should do so. Regardless if you are sick. :shrug:

I know the last time I was scheduled, and I didn’t feel well, I called to find a replacement. But maybe I am old school.

Mary, you did nothing wrong. The OP asked for opinions and you provided one, in the face of and at the risk of being criticized. In my book, that’s also serving God.

I wasn’t actually talking about YOU…but how charitable of you to assume that.

No I was actually talking about people in the parish who will talk about everyone that serves. I’m sure there are more then a few that say I serve too much or I don’t do this that or the other thing. I am calling on them to serve rather then just sit back and criticize.

I actually have no idea what you do at your parish…:shrug:

But actually sometimes (at least in my parish) that is not always an option. Case in point…mid May. I got a call to MC on Saturday night (head server), which I normally don’t do. This person hurt her ankle terribly and could not walk on it. She had switched with someone who needed to be out of town. Her son could not do it and the other person who does it Sat nights was involved at the auction. I was recovering from a cold…tail end. So, yes I filled in. Then Sunday at 7am I got a call from the person who was to MC at the 8:00 mass…she was terribly sick…the other person was out of town…and since there are only 3 of us that do it at this Mass…yes I had to step in too. Sometimes getting a fill in is impossible…what exactly are you going to do?

Actually it *is *always the case. What do you do? You inform the pastor that you are sick. Or that you shouldn’t serve. Or whatever it is. As long as you are not the priest, I am sure the priest can figure out how to have Mass without you.

Also, for this thread, the OP didn’t call anyone. Didn’t try to find a replacement. So it wasn’t that she couldn’t find anyone. It was that she didn’t want to find anyone. So instead, she hid her symptoms, by not singing, and served.

The OP says she just has allergies. As I said, I hope she is right.

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