First U.S. Face Transplant Performed In Cleveland

A severely disfigured American woman is the first recipient of a nearly total new face. Surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio performed the procedure — the first in the United States — about two weeks ago.

The patient was missing her right eye, her nose and her upper jaw. She could not smell or taste, had trouble speaking and, according to doctors, children would shriek and run away from her when they saw her in public.

Dear Lord, help me to remember - I may think I have a hard life, but her burden has been almost unimaginable.

Siemionow says the patient viewed her life as grim enough to warrant the risky transplant along with the also risky anti-rejection drugs that must be taken for the rest of her life.

“We all met with the patient and she has a clear understanding of the risks of transplant rejection and of immunosuppression drugs, including cancer and infection,” Kodish said. “She agreed to proceed, with the hope this will help her and others in the future.”

Like in that movie “face off”?

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