First US Patient Treated for Stroke with his own stem cells

An American became the first patient to be treated in the United States with his own Adult Stem Cells for Stroke. He was the first patient to be treated in the Phase 1 clinical trial. Because of the FDA’s stance that your own stem cells are drugs, it should take about 10 more years before this therapy of using your own Adult Stem Cells is available to the masses. 10 more years of hearing about the false “potential” of Embryonic Stem Cell research :(. Here is the stem cell research story

Despite the time frame, at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, I know as well as others that this probably can be bumped along much quicker with the support of media and public pressure, but the media will not jump on the bandwagon unless the focus is on “embryonic stem cell” cures and that has yet to happen. More reasons to pray, but at least this stroke victim has a future of a cure.

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