First words of Pope Francis Successor of St. Peter

His first words so humble and beautiful! I love our new Pope Francis!

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I SAW IT! Praise GOD, I was prompted to “turn on the television”, I was standing there, I received it! FOR MY DAUGHTER, she has her wings now for sure! Oh I am so joyful, I haven’t been this happy in ten years. And thank you Mammon Marie and Lord Jesus for giving us this man who will do what is needed and is not tied to politics and corruption! This is a sign, a sign! Rejoice!

God bless Pope Francesco! He seems to be a really great guy.

Thank you so much. Aside from my inability to understand Italian, the sound was difficult at some points. I like that he is called Francis, lives humbly and speaks with humility and love.

I have been scrambling around trying to find out more. When Pope BenedictXVI was elected I was very familiar with him through his many books. So much to learn about our new Holy Father.


Here are some facts about our Beautifull Pope Francis.

Great Pope at a great time, Viva La Papa!

Thank you…each new bit of information makes the news even more of a joy!

It’s il Papa (since he’s male) but thanks for the link! :wink:

From what I heard, the popular media stated that Pope Francis “asked the people for their blessing.” But in listening to it again, it sounds like he asked the people “to pray to God for His blessing.”

Anybody else see a difference in those statements?

Please! IL PAPA. He’s masculine, not feminine.



lol thanks for the correction :D:thumbsup:

God has given us a great holy and humble man. God bless Pope Francis


He prayed for Benedict the XVI, prayed with the people, the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the
Glory Be. So moving to hear people all over the world praying these traditional prayers together. Then he asked us to pray for him in silence. Then it was silent. He made a deep bow during the silent prayers. So amazing to witness this humility. I don’t think there was a dry eye there.

He said he was going to visit Benedict tomorrow.

Understood. My point was that the media stated that we all “blessed him.” That’s something we cannot do in a strict sense. Rather, as you stated, we “prayed for him in silence” for God to bless him.
Maybe it’s a technicality, but I was merely poking a stick at the mainstream media, which gets just about everything wrong. :wink:

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