FISA court selects former Obama admin lawyer, left-wing blogger to oversee FBI's surveillance reforms

He is an exopert in the matters at hand.

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David Kris is a founder of Culper Partners LLC. He previously served as assistant attorney general for national security, associate deputy attorney general, trial attorney at the Department of Justice, general counsel at Intellectual Ventures, and deputy general counsel and chief ethics and compliance officer at Time Warner. He is the author or co-author of several works on national security, including the treatise National Security Investigations and Prosecutions, and has taught at Georgetown University and the University of Washington

Or did you mean to ask how could Mike Cernovitch be described as an independent journalist?

In appointing an apologist for FBI abuses, the FISC is making it clear that it is uninterested in reform within its own part of the system. Not too surprising, really.

One hopes that Wray is able to clean up the FBI and the use of FISA warrants from inside the FBI, so a clean product is presented to the courts. But unfortunately, that’s subject to the potential for abuse we saw when Comey was director.

Probably, even though it is likely a hazard to this country, the whole thing needs to be abolished and reconstructed. Hopefully there can be a way to protect the populace against abuse if the courts will not.


Perhaps you should read more of Kris’s work so that you can characterize it properly.

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter what his work was. He is an apologist for FBI abuses and it is very doubtful he will see any need for reform.


So you say. But his publication record doesn’t support that characterization.

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dvdjs (to 7_Sorrows) . . .

Or did you mean to ask how could Mike Cernovitch be described as an independent journalist?


I can’t answer for 7_Sorrows but Mike Cernovitch isn’t the one being put in charge to oversee FISA abuses.

Some courts are very ready to demand reform of anything other than themselves, and to that they tend to be quite resistant because they become convinced that nobody understands the administration of justice other than themselves.

Certainly the various characters at the FBI and DOJ acted corruptly in obtaining the warrants on Carter Page (and perhaps others we don’t know about) but the approving courts appear to have been at least negligent in not demanding more information about the sources of the truly bizarre contents of the Steele dossier. We have some reason to believe the courts rubber-stamped these things through since the approval rate was nearly 100%.

So, knowing as we do, that the FISA courts do not want reform within their own functions, and given that the Dem House of Reps is unlikely to do anything to change things if Trump is involved, it seems to me the only remedy is whatever reforms (and firings) Wray manages within the FBI and whatever genuine and studied oversight the DOJ can provide. But it does not seem to me Americans can any longer have faith in this method of gaining intelligence.

And to me, it’s not so much the government knowing everything I’m doing. It has lots of other ways. It’s the fact that it has used it to prosecute people or at least to attempt it, and wrongfully.


Certainly corruptly? I think that idea wildly stretched the meaning of “certainly” and “corruptly”.

Was that one of the charges made in that IG report?

If he was anything other that what is stated in the articles above, you wouldn’t be trying so hard to defend him.


Oh, horrors of horrors!

Huh? I will defend anyone from unfair attacks.

Except Trump and his supporters.


The position is supposed to provide impartial advice to the Court.
Kris is hardly an impartial pick.

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So you say. But the evidence for this sorely lacking.

perhaps you need to make an effort, read the links provided or do your own.


I read the links and more of the writings of Kris.
The attacks on him are improper.

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This really is a shame. The FISA judges had an opportunity to restore peoples’ faith in the justice system, and let the people down hard.


I suspect that you have not read Kris’s report. If you had, you would not that anyone was let down hard.

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